Connecting to country

UNSW Indigenous Collective and Arc have collaborated to develop an online resource for the UNSW student Community, providing access to information about First Nations’ stories, events, services, business and contacts relevant to our community needs.

The information provided throughout this page is informed by or included in consultation with the UNSW Indigenous Student Collective. 

This page is a resource for all members of the UNSW community both Indigenous and Non-Indigenous.
Whether you are looking for a student artists or performers, you are interested in learning about First Nations Student stories, or you are looking for NAIDOC events and other celebrations of First Nations culture - you can find it all here!

Indigenous Collective

Lead by an Office Bearer, this student Collective meets regularly to discuss the things that matter to them.

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Nura Gili

UNSW Indigenous students should check out the support services Nura Gili offers to its students.

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Arc Indigenous Strategy

Guided by First Nations students, the Arc Indigenous Strategy outlines our ambitions for reconciliation.

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UNSW Indigenous Strategy

The university also strives to be inclusive. You can read more about their plans.

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Bedegal Land Campus

Our main Kensington campus is situated on Bedegal Land. You can read more on the Randwick City Council website.

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La Perouse Local Land Council

Local customs, history, people and land are governed by land councils. The UNSW main campus sits on Bedegal Land, which is governed by LaPa.

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Gadigal Land Campus

Our Paddington Art & Design campus is situated on Gadigal Land. You can read more on the Randwick City Council website.

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NAIDOC Celebrations 2023

Come along to celebrate NAIDOC Week 2023 "For Our Elders" @ UNSW.

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If you would like to contribute to this page or want more information please reach out to

Always Was, Always Will Be - Aboriginal Land.