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The Student Representative Council (SRC) is protecting and promoting your rights on campus. 

They run large-scale campaigns for student rights and provide support for those in need. Your student reps are democratically-elected to represent and campaign for your interests within UNSW, in the broader community and to Government. 

The Student Representative Council is linked to every aspect of university life, by:

  • Liaising with the university to improve the quality of your education,
  • Representing UNSW students on a campus, state, national, and international level,
  • Providing support for special groups all across campus.

You can get in touch with them about an advocacy issue, get involved in their campaigns and meetings or run for office! There are also autonomous spaces on campus run by SRC and collectives that you can visit to feel safe.

To get in touch and keep up to date with all our campaigns and initiatives, you can Like and Follow our Facebook Page or email us at

Meet our collectives

Meet 2023 SRC

The team that makes the magic happen.

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Autonomous Spaces

Find autonomous spaces on campus.

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Welfare Collective

Supporting and advocating on behalf of any vulnerable or low-SES students.

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Environment Collective

Eco-warriors and environmental advocates.

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Ethno-Cultural Collective

Representing students of colour and CALD backgrounds.

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International Collective

Listening and uniting all international students.

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Queer Collective

We're here. We're queer! Representing LGBTQIA+ students.

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Students with Disabilities Collective

Advocating for an accessible campus.

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Education Collective

Lobbying UNSW to improve teaching & learning conditions.

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Indigenous Collective

Uplifting the voices of Indigenous students

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Check out the PGC for all your specifically postgraduate social and advocacy!

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SRC Minutes

SRC Elections

Reporting Sexual Assault & Misconduct

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Latest Available Resources

Domestic Violence Guide - Resource Guide


In English


Domestic Violence Guide - Resource Guide


In Chinese


Domestic Violence Guide - Resource Guide


In Korean


Need some more info? Got a question or suggestion? Drop us a line!

Student Representative Council (SRC)

SRC President

Paige Sedgwick