SRC Spaces & Collectives

Our spaces are currently closed due to COVID-19

Need some room to breathe, think or nap? 

Some of our SRC collectives have their own rooms where members of their collective can assemble for meetings or visit for some quiet time between or after classes.

Women's Rooms

The Women's Rooms is a safe and autonomous space for women and women identifying students. 

These welcoming rooms contain a couches, beanbags, a kitchenette with a fridge and toaster, and a computer with internet access. Also available are books that can be borrowed and information on women's services. It is the space where the Women's Collective meets. 

The Women's Rooms are located at:

  • Kensington Women's Room located: Behind Baxter College, off the Basser steps, Main Campus.
  • UNSW Art & Design's Women's Room located: just next to the Common Room, E Block, UNSW Art & Design Campus.

Ethno-Cultural Room

A safe chill-out area for culturally diverse and international students. Located in the Arc Precinct, Baxter College, off Basser Steps, you can access this room Monday to Friday 8.30am - 6pm by contacting us or visiting Arc Reception.


A safe place to relax and connect with other LGBTAQ students. Meetings and other activities are run by the Queer Collective on a regular basis. You can find the Queerspace in Room 9.21, Level 9, Chemical Sciences Building.

Contact your Collective Officer or Arc Reception if you have any suggestions for the use of the space or to report any issues. 

Welfare & Disabilities Room

In need of a snack or quiet space to hang out and relax? Arc provides a Disability and Welfare Room, a space for any student living with a disability or welfare concerns to chill. There’s a couch, kitchenette and food to help you out while you’re at uni. It's located in the Arc Precinct, Baxter College, off Basser Steps, Monday to Friday 8.30am - 6pm. Visit or contact us or Arc Reception for info and access.

SRC Collectives

International Collective

The SRC International exists to represent, advocate for and serve the needs and interest of all international students at UNSW.

The SRC International is the representative body for the wide and diverse community of international students studying at UNSW. We seek to best serve the interests and needs of international students by providing a variety of services and activities. The International Students Collective forms the backbone of the SRC International, made up of enthusiastic volunteers.


A zero-tolerance for discrimination within a harmonious and diverse cultural environment for international students at UNSW.


  • Advocate for the interests and needs of international students at UNSW;
  • Represent international students at UNSW and act as a bridge of communication between the university and international students;
  • Provide consultation, help and supports for international students at UNSW;
  • Promote cross-cultural awareness and interactions in UNSW;
  • Engage international students on c
  • ampus with various events and activities;


  • Immigration policy changes
  • Language training (i.e. IELTS)
  • Career opportunities
  • Accommodation
  • Legal issues (Travel Concession Campaign)
  • On- and off-campus Safety
  • Culture integration

Past Events

The above objectives have been met through conducting following events in the past two years:

  • International Night Market
  • Travel Concession Campaign
  • Migration Seminars
  • IELTS Workshops
  • Self-defence/Martial Art Workshops
  • 'Know Your Rights' Legal Workshops
  • International Student Liaison Group Meetings
  • International Mingling Night
  • International Student Photographic Competition
  • In addition, we had the two annual portfolios below that constitute the above activities:
  • International Festival
  • International Week

Get Involved

Send us an email or pop by one of our events to get involved!

Welfare Collective

Come meet the Welfare Collective, a group of active students who are passionate about ensuring an accessible and affordable uni experience regardless of socio-economic status.

We run campaigns such as increased funding for Youth Allowance, plus textbook, food and student housing costs.

We also run the infamous free breakfast stall at different locations across campus! To keep up to date on these locations and the campaigns we run join our Facebook group for more info.

Get involved

Check out our UNSW Welfare Collective Facebook page for news, upcoming events and to show your support. 

Ethnocultural Collective

The Ethno-Cultural Collective is here to provide support and a safe, autonomous space for students that have felt marginalised on the basis of their race, ethnicity or culture. 

We host campaigns and events that not only celebrate our diverse cultures, but also educate the wider UNSW community on racism and ally-ship. 

Additionally, our People of Colour Collective and the Women of Colour Collective (open to all women-identifying students) are opportunities for students who self-identify as non-white to gather autonomously both online and in person throughout the year.

Get involved

For more information on our collective times and what we do check out our Facebook group, or contact our 2016 Ethno-Cultural Officer, Fahad Ali at

Queer Collective

It's our job to support and represent all students on campus who are queer - that is, people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, genderqueer, asexual or anywhere within the Queer spectrum. Look out for Queer Collective meetings, parties and events and more!

Get involved

Check the Facebook page out for all information relating to upcoming events, Queer Collective meeting times, access to queer lounge etc.

Get in contact if you would like to be added to the secret Facebook Group (only other members will be able to see you are in the group and it won't be searchable). 

If you have any questions, hot ideas, or anything else shoot us an email.

Women's Collective

The Women's Collective is a great social way of getting involved in your SRC and increasing representation of women in our student organisations. We run a range of events; from social events to working with the university to make UNSW a safer space for women.

Get involved

Come along to our weekly meetings! Our meetings are autonomous and run Monday 12-1pm and all students with lived experience as a woman are welcome. Here we plan campaigns and activities to raise awareness about gendered issues that affect women disproportionately. You can also stay updated by emailing Angela Griffin, the 2018 Women's Officer, at and asking to be added to the Women's Collective group on Facebook and be sure to like our page for more updates!

Current Campaigns

Currently the Women's Collective is working with Penny Sharpe MLC to establish safe access zones around clinics that offer abortions. Contact the collective to get involved!

Indigenous Students Association

The Indigenous Students Association (ISA) acknowledges the Bedegal, Gadigal and Ngunnawal people who are the Custodians of the land on which UNSW's campuses stands. We pay our upmost respect to their Elders, past, present and emerging, and recognise that their Sovereignty was never ceded.

The ISA is a student-led body that welcomes and supports all Indigenous students at UNSW. We are dedicated to sharing Indigenous perspectives, cultures and voices with the wider UNSW community. Our group aims to build better relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous community members by encouraging more inclusive and respectful cultural connections with our mob. The ISA strives to ensure that Indigenous students excel at UNSW without having to compromise their connections to culture. By collaborating with Nura Gili and the UNSW Pro-Vice Chancellor Indigenous, we support the academic and cultural growth of Indigenous students.

Get involved

There are plenty of opportunities to get involved with the Indigenous Students Association, and we invite everyone, Indigenous and non-Indigenous, to sit with us, listen to us and learn from us. Feel free to contact our Indigenous Officer at and get involved with the ISA today!

Environment Collective

The Environment Office & Collective is here to represent your interests in making our university more environmentally sustainable and responsible. 

We're a diverse bunch from all backgrounds but we're all passionate about the world around us, and we believe that our campus here at UNSW can show the world what it means to be environmentally responsible. 

Get involved

We're an active group, meeting up at least once a week to discuss plans and run campaigns. We also organise regular social events so you can have fun getting to know everyone. We'd love to see you at the next gathering! For semester 1 2018, our weekly meetings are from 2-3pm every Monday in the Arc mezzanine.

Check Facebook for details about our upcoming events, and fill out this form to volunteer with the team. For anything else inlcuding further information, or any bright ideas you might have, feel free to send an email to 

Fossil Free Campaign

Maybe you have seen students around campus with orange decorations making a fuss about UNSW’s investments in fossil fuels. That’s us! We are calling on UNSW to take moral and intellectual leadership and #divest from the fossil fuel industry most responsible for climate change – because if it’s wrong to wreck the climate, then it’s wrong to profit off that wreckage.

Find out more follow our facebook page, and be sure to let us know if you want to volunteer.

Education Collective

The Education Collective is your student activist group at UNSW. Providing a forum for students to fight for change to improve our education system, university and local community. 

Sometimes you gotta fight for your right to get educated! The UNSW Education Collective was instrumental behind the fight against fee deregulation, interest rates on HECS-HELP, and cuts to student income support.

Get involved

The collective meets twice a week to discuss any student concerns about their education and to brainstorm new and creative ways of combating these. We want to fight with you, not just for you. So visit our Facebook page for more information.

Students with Disabilities Collective

The Students with Disabilities Collective appreciate that uni can be a challenge for any student, but is potentially even more so for students with living with disabilities.

The Students with Disabilities Officer represents all students living with a disability (including mental illness, neurodivegency, developmental illness, physical disability) on the Student Representative Council. Our aim is to make university a more positive experience for these students, without disadvantage or discrimination and to maximise the support available.

We do this by listening to any issues, concerns, or complaints that you may have, and making sure University policies meet requirements. As well as this, we advocate for students living with a disability and provide discrimination support, promote disability-friendly events such as film nights, awareness days, campaigns and more.

It's our mission to provide all the support we can to make sure students with disabilities are given every chance of reaching our full potential and enjoying our time at university.

Get Involved

The best way to get involved is to come visit the Students with Disabilities Space! Collective meetings run on Wednesdays from 12.30-1.30 (hommus, crackers, and juice provided, alongside the kitchen facilities in the Space). If you don't want to dive straight into meetings or you have a specific concern, you can contact the Students With Disabilities Officer, Roisin at

Another way to get involved, show your support, and keep abreast of news and upcoming events would be join our Facebook group (just email or message to be added!) or message the Facebook page

The department has established affiliations with key organisations which may be of interest to you. These are:

Australasian Network of Students with Disabilities

Disability Advocacy and Information Service

Women with Disabilities Australia

Physical Disabilities Council of Australia;  

National Ethnic Disabilities Alliance

UNSW Students with Disabilities Collective

We also have a Disability and Welfare Space - a safe space for any student living with a disability or welfare concern to hang out, relax, and have a chat. Some of the facilities include a couch, basic food preparation facilities, table and chairs, and donated textbooks. If you have an 'invisible disability' and you're worried about being seen going into the Space and others wondering if you have a disability, don't worry. Any student with a Welfare concern is welcome in the Space, and that could mean pretty much anyone.

The Disability and Welfare Room is located in the Arc Precinct, Baxter College, off Basser Steps and is open Monday to Friday 8.30am - 6pm.