SRC Women's Collective

The Women's Collective is a great social way of getting involved in your SRC and increasing representation of women in our student organisations while meeting amazing, like-minded friends!

We run a range of events; from social events to working with the university to make UNSW a better place for women.

About Us

The UNSW Women’s collective (WoCo) is a social and political group who focus on activism, education and feminist organising. The collective, as well as the Women’s room on campus, is open to all women, non-binary and trans people.

WoCo is an inclusive and welcoming space that aims to work collectively in an anti-hierarchical way to fight for feminist change on campus and larger society.

Get involved

Come along to our weekly meetings! 

WoCo meetings are held once a week on Mondays at 7:30pm on Zoom. These meetings are a space where we plan our events and campaigns!  

To get involved, please join our Facebook group to access the Zoom meeting link as well as details for our all upcoming plans!

Please find our other website for further details on events and much more!

You can also get involved by emailing Estell Mathew, the Women's Officer, at with any questions, concerns or queries you may have. 

Also be sure to like our public page for more updates!

SRC Women's Officer

Imandi Mudugamuwa

SRC President

Michael Rahme

Arc Reception

P:(02) 9065 0900

H:10AM - 5PM

A:Gate 5 on High St, UNSW

Know Your Supports

Campus Security

UNSW Security Staff are trained as mental health first responders and can even organise mobility buggies for students with mobility impairments.

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The UNSW Women's Wellbeing Academy

The WWBA steering committee is designed to create positive impacts nationally and globally, in key areas of women’s wellbeing. Become a member!

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The Survivor Hub

The Survivor Hub is a safe and inclusive space where survivors can connect, be informed and feel supported. It is open to all survivors on campus once a month.

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UNSW Mental Health Connect

Mental Health Connect helps you find the support you need for your mental health. They can connect you to services on and off campus and even support you in getting a diagnosis by a psychologist

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Psychology & Wellness

Psychology and Wellness is a free counselling service for UNSW students.

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Arc Legal

Free legal advice available to all UNSW students.

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First Responders to Gendered Violence

First Responders assist you in reporting gendered violence, or in receive confidential guidance or support.

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Transforming Women’s Leadership Pathways

The Transforming Women’s Leadership Pathways program exists to dramatically shift the dial on women’s equity, and to broaden pathways to leadership for women by 2030.

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