SRC Women's Collective

The Women's Collective is a great social way of getting involved in your SRC and increasing representation of women in our student organisations. 

We run a range of events; from social events to working with the university to make UNSW a safer space for women.

Get involved

Come along to our weekly meetings! Our meetings are autonomous and run Monday 12-1pm and all students with lived experience as a woman are welcome. Here we plan campaigns and activities to raise awareness about gendered issues that affect women disproportionately. You can also stay updated by emailing Natalie Simonovski, the Women's Officer, at and asking to be added to the Women's Collective group on Facebook and be sure to like our page for more updates!

Current Campaigns

Currently the Women's Collective is working with Penny Sharpe MLC to establish safe access zones around clinics that offer abortions. Contact the collective to get involved!

Send us an email or pop by one of our events to get involved!

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SRC Women's Officer

Natalie Simonovski

SRC President

Nayonika Bhattacharya

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