Students with Disabilities

The Students with Disabilities Collective appreciate that uni can be a challenge for any student, but is potentially even more so for students with living with disabilities. 

The Students with Disabilities Officer represents all students living with a disability (including those living with mental illness) on the Student Representative Council. Our aim is to make university a more positive experience for these students, without disadvantage or discrimination and to maximise the support available.

We do this by listening to any issues, concerns, or complaints that you may have, and making sure university policies meet requirements. As well as this, we advocate for students living with a disability and provide discrimination support, promote disability-friendly events such as BBQs, film nights, awareness days, campaigns and more. 

It's our mission to provide all the support we can to make sure students with disabilities have every chance of reaching their full potential and enjoying their time at university.

How you can get involved

The best way to get involved is to come visit your Students with Disabilities Officer! Charlotte will tell you about local issues and campaigns, as well as how you can help the campaign. You can also visit this site for details of our letter writing campaigns or take part in one of our features. For enquires or for a friendly chat contact us at

Another way to get involved, show your support, and keep abreast of news and upcoming events would be by liking our UNSW SRC Students with Disabilities Collective Facebook page

The department has established affiliations with key organisations which may be of interest to you. These are:


We also have a Disability and Welfare Room - a snazzy new space for any student living with a disabilities or welfare concerns to hang out, relax, and have a chat. Some of the facilities include a couch and bed, basic food preparation facilities, table and chairs, and donated textbooks. 

The Disability and Welfare Room is located in the Arc Precinct, Baxter College, off Basser Steps and is open Monday to Friday 8.30am - 6pm. Visit or contact us or Arc Reception for access and more info.

UNSW Disability Awareness Campaign

The UNSW Disability Awareness Campaign exists to give UNSW students with disabilities a voice on campus.

A huge barrier faced by disabled students is the attitudes of other students and people in general.  A stigma is attached to those classified as disabled students.  The Disability Awareness Campaign exists to remove this confusion and misunderstanding surrounding disabilities and to instead inspire students within university to remove the stigma associated with disabled students.

Current programs:

  • A day in the Life
  • Disability Service Audit

Students with Disabilities Officer

Alex Linker

Arc @ UNSW Reception

P:02 9385 7700

M:PO Box 173 Kingsford NSW 2032

A:Level 2 Basser College, Entrance through Gate 5 on High St, Kingsford 2033 NSW