SRC Interntional Collective

The SRC International exists to represent, advocate for and serve the needs and interest of all international students at UNSW.

The SRC International is the representative body for the wide and diverse community of international students studying at UNSW. We seek to best serve the interests and needs of international students by providing a variety of services and activities. The International Students Collective forms the backbone of the SRC International, made up of enthusiastic volunteers.


A zero-tolerance for discrimination within a harmonious and diverse cultural environment for international students at UNSW.


  • Advocate for the interests and needs of international students at UNSW;
  • Represent international students at UNSW and act as a bridge of communication between the university and international students;
  • Provide consultation, help and supports for international students at UNSW;
  • Promote cross-cultural awareness and interactions in UNSW;
  • Engage international students on campus for events and activities - both onshore and offshore.


  • Immigration policy changes
  • Language training (i.e. IELTS)
  • Career opportunities
  • Accommodation
  • Legal issues (Travel Concession Campaign)
  • On- and off-campus Safety
  • Culture integration

Past Events

The above objectives have been met through conducting following events in the past two years:

  • International Night Market
  • Travel Concession Campaign
  • Migration Seminars
  • IELTS Workshops
  • Self-defence/Martial Art Workshops
  • 'Know Your Rights' Legal Workshops
  • International Student Liaison Group Meetings
  • International Mingling Night
  • International Student Photography Competition
  • In addition, we had the two annual portfolios below that constitute the above activities:
  • International Festival
  • International Week

Get Involved

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