The IRC is the peak body representing the students of UNSW's residential communities.  

The Inter-Residence Council (IRC) is the chief representative body of the 3500+ on-campus residents of UNSW to the UNSW administration and local community. Each Councillor is the elected President or House Committee leader of a respected member college for the academic year.

We are charged with the responsibility to advocate on behalf of residents living at UNSW in relation to any matter that has an impact on residents, no matter how large or small. We also work to connect residences in discussion, knowledge sharing, and co-operation in a range of different fields.

In serving our community, the Inter-Residence Council also presides over the activities organised by our three subcommittees:

  • Inter-College Sporting Association (ICSA)

  • Events Subcommittee

  • Communities and Charities Committee

Current Member Colleges:

Basser, Creston, Colombo House, Fig Tree Hall, Goldstein, New, Philip Baxter, Shalom, UNSW Hall, Warrane

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Upcoming Events

  • CSA Awards Presentation, Wednesday 18th October

  • Election of Social Subcommittee Executives and Handover Meeting, Friday 20th October

  • Election of IRC Executives and Handover Meeting, Sunday 22nd October

  • Election of ICSA Executives and Handover meeting, Tuesday 24 October

  • 2018 Calendar to come…