The IRC is the peak body representing the students of UNSW's residential communities.  

The Inter-Residence Council (IRC) is the chief representative body of the 3500+ on-campus residents of UNSW to the UNSW administration and local community. It is made up of eleven elected councillors from each member college for the academic year, who together elect their executive and are organised in subcommittees.

We work to foster a healthy and engaging wider college community by enabling opportunities to connect residents across colleges in collaboration, friendly rivalry, social and cultural experiences and more. We are charged with the responsibility to advocate on behalf of residents living at UNSW in relation to any matter that has an impact on residents, no matter how large or small.

Current Member Colleges: Basser, Creston, Colombo House, Fig Tree Hall, Goldstein, New, Philip Baxter, Shalom, UNSW Hall, Warrane, International

Want to know more, get in touch or have some suggestions to improve your on-campus living experience? Please get-in-touch!

Lucy Sholl (she/her)

IRC President

Hi! I’m Lucy, a second-year student living on campus at New College. This year, I have the privilege and responsibility of being the president of the Inter-Residence Council. In this position, working closely with the executive, I have the joy of leading a team of elected representatives from each college at UNSW to enrich the experience of living in colleges on campus, striving to deepen the sense of community with valuable relations between colleges expressed on the sporting field, through social events and more. We want to foster the enjoyable and quintessential sense of college spirit, and rivalry, whilst also brining everyone together as one united force for advocacy and to have a positive impact on the wider community.

Darren Jadraque (he/him)

IRC Secretary

Hello! I’m Darren, a final-year student living at Warrane College. Having lived on campus since the beginning of 2021, I have met many different people who have formed me humanly and professionally. I have made strong friendships, explored new extra-curricular activities, and landed career opportunities. These were mainly from connections formed within my own college because of the COVID restrictions and lockdown last year. As IRC secretary this year, I aim to facilitate meaningful connections between residents of different colleges through a range of social, cultural and sporting events, create opportunities for campus-wide advocacy and community service, and foster a strong sense of intercollegiate community. 

Liam Smith (he/him)

IRC Treasurer

Over the past year and a half of living on campus, I have developed an appreciation for the IRC network, and the way that it unites thousands of us students from many different backgrounds simply because we have one thing in common, where we live. I ran for the IRC to expand this network and try to improve college life for all residents, making it more of a community rather than a few buildings that are all close together. This year, I would like to use my position to advocate for the needs of college residents and the wider UNSW community while also promoting a positive college experience as it is such an important aspect of university life for so many of us. As the treasurer and a part of the executive, I also want to expand on the IRC Benefits Scheme, providing more discounts to college residents on and off campus. I also want to foster more social, cultural, charitable, and sporting events by attempting to increase the IRC’s budget. I have really enjoyed my role on the IRC so far this year and can’t wait to see what we can achieve to benefit college residents over this year.

Nishant Jayaram (he/him)

IRC Arc Delegate

I have had the opportunity to study in three different countries and make friends from around the world. Those friendships and experiences have moulded me into the person I am today, and I could not be more grateful. Being a part of the IRC is an amazing opportunity to not only meet new people but also help connect students from different colleges, so campus residents have a better university experience. As the Arc Delegate, I am excited to learn, and ensure that the communication lines between the IRC and Arc are always open for effective collaboration.