College Sport

Sporting is a crucial part of the residential experience of UNSW colleges, where you are able to get to know your fellow college residents and build bonds that transcend your day-to-day class life while also maintaining a strong competitive spirit that can be seen and heard all throughout the year.

The UNSW IRC proudly supports the Inter-College Sport Association (ICSA), a student run body who plans and oversees all inter-college sport matches. These matches range from weekly competitions in basketball, netball, football and oztag/touch to gala days for hockey, cross country, volleyball, frisbee and waterpolo. The colleges compete in all of these matches for the points towards the Inter-College Shield that is awarded at the end of each year.

The colleges also compete in the Arc run Inter-College Cup, a tri-annual gala day where college residents compete in a wide range of sports as well as the Upper vs Lower campus competition, another tri-annual competition where the residents of upper campus combine to take on the lower campus residents in some of the biggest sporting events of the calendar.

No matter your ability or favourite sport, there will always be something that you enjoy at college sporting fixtures, from running up and down a court to shouting your college’s chants from the sideline. Inter-college sport is sure to be a hit.


Arc Sporting Clubs

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