The Inter-College Sporting Association is the longest standing subcommittee of the IRC, outdating the presiding council itself.

Established in 1971, ICSA has been organising inter-college sporting competitions for almost half a century. In that time the sports organised have changed. 

Currently, these include


  • Volleyball

  • Waterpolo

  • Cricket

  • Netball

  • Rugby

  • Tennis

  • Touch


  • Soccer

  • Cross Country

  • Hockey

  • Table Tennis

  • Basketball

At the conclusion of each year, Sports Ball is organised in partnership with the Social Subcommittee to present the Championship trophies for each sport.

Finally, an Overall Championship Shield is presented to the College that has outstanding overall performance in each of the female and male competitions.

In 2017, these awards included:

  • Volleyball Girls:

  • Volleyball Boys:

  • Waterpolo Girls: New College

  • Waterpolo Boys: New College

  • Cricket Boys: New College

  • Netball Boys:

  • Netball Girls:

  • Rugby Boys:

  • Tennis Girls:

  • Tennis Boys:

  • Touch Girls:

  • Cross Country Girls:

  • Cross Country Boys:

  • Table Tennis:

  • Basketball Boys:

  • Basketball Girls:

  • Soccer Boys:

  • Soccer Girls:

  • Hockey Boys: Warrane

  • Hockey Girls: New College

  • Overall Shield (Boys): Warrane

  • Overall Shield (Girls): Baxter

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