Sport Clubs

Exercise releases endorphins, and endorphins make you happy

Whether you're an elite athlete, looking for the perfect fitness fit or want to try something new, Arc has a sports club for you.

Make new mates, train and skill up in a range of sporting, recreational and instructional sports whatever your level of fitness and experience. Sport helps to de-stress and maintain mental health, while letting you make new connections on and off campus. Find your fitness fit and join up - check out out 30+ sports clubs below for more.

Check out our 30+ Sport Clubs


The LARGEST AFL club in Sydney!

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Aim for fun, bow and arrow in hand.

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Sprint your way to the finish line!

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Baseball & Softball

Hit a home run.

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Boxing & Muay Thai

Bob, weave and roll with the punches.

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Cricket - Women

Bowl a wicket, or two or three (hat-trick).

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Nothing is better than a bike!

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Football (Soccer)

Bend it like Beckham.

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Gridiron (American Football)

Score a touchdown.

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Regina George loves it, and so will you

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Rugby Union

Tackle, pass and score that try.

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Touch Football

Become as fast as a bullet.

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Ultimate Frisbee

Frisbee, but better.

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Underwater Rugby

The best sport you've never played.

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Waterski & Wakeboard

Ride the water.

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Windsurfing, Surfing & Sailing

Gone with the wind.

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