Clubs & Societies are a great way to get social, get active and make the most of your time at uni. There's 300 of them, so you're spoilt for choice! Keep scrolling to catch 'em all.

1. Join ArcArc Members get discounted club membership! Make sure to pick up you Arc sticker and goodie bag at Arc Reception.

2. Find a ClubWith 300 clubs that range from professional to fun there are plenty to choose from. Some clubs do incur membership fees, but they’re hella worth it. 

3. Show Up: Once you’ve signed up, attend stuff! Strike up a conversation with the classic line "so what do you study?" and go from there. 

4. Level Up: Find yourself being a regular, take on experiences and roles for your development. Being an Executive looks great on your resume and employers have a sweet tooth for leadership experiences.

5. Make Up: If you're passionate about something but can’t find a club or society for it – lasso some people and create your own! Arc will give you all the resources to breathe life into it.

UNSW Campus Runners

As UNSW's first cross country and social running society, our aim at UNSW Campus Runners is to socialize, congregate and network through the medium of long distance running. It is our goal to promote and make the lifestyle of running accessible to the general community of UNSW. 

We do this through organizing a variety of running-related social events including weekly social runs whereby you are able to meet new people and explore the city/suburbs at night, group training, and team entry into race events such as City2Surf. 

Our society aims to welcome and cater for those of all skill levels, ranging from beginner through to experienced, so as to establish a culture that is enriching and inclusive to all.

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Social Soccer

Want to play sport without the competitive edge? Gruelling training sessions and sweat-stache not your thing? 

Social Soccer is here to make all your dreams come true. With over 1000 members, the stress of finding a team is never a problem. Every Wednesday and Friday they host free social soccer games on Alumni Lawn. 

So if you’re in it for the incidental exercise, friends or just to improve your soccer skills, this club caters for all levels and wants you to score!

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Tricking Soc

Think you’re a bit of a stuntman? Want to take your parkour to the next level? 

Tricking combines aspects of gymnastics, martial arts and breakdancing to create an aesthetic blend of kicks, twists, and flips. In Semester 1 they had a beach day social and huge training classes. They have a weekly class and casual training sessions almost every day at the Quadrangle. 

Ready to turn your world upside down? If you think you’ve got the moves (want to learn the moves) then follow their facebook group for all the up to date events.

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