This is your chance to represent UNSW in sport. Whether its to finally play with your universities gang or meet new people through a sport you love, joining Team UNSW is the way to go

Team UNSW wants YOU!

Here at UNSW, we know the importance of sport and the benefits it has to a well rounded experience at university. It is a chance to meet people, work together with friends to a common goal and provides you with lifelong friendships and memories.

For UNSW students, there are two ways to be a part of this, join an UNSW Sport Club or join Team UNSW!

Team UNSW provides a great way to meet new people, try a sport you have never tried before or link up with friends and finally play on the same team, Team UNSW!

There are two ways to get involved:


UniSport endorsed events, where you will represent UNSW against universities across Australia and beyond, in over 40 different sports, for Pennants, Gold Medals and Individual and Team UNSW glory!

Read more about Nationals and how to get involved!


These are events organised through UNSW, in collaboration with other universities either within the Eastern Conference region or further afield. They can be both social or competitive (dependent on the sport) and may even focus on an individual sport or group. 

Read more about Intervarsity and how to get involved!