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Get to know your friendly neighbourhood Arc Sport staff!

Arc Sport is here to help UNSW students get active, get social and have plenty of fun along the way! We aim to bring heaps of opportunities for students to get involved in sport, no matter their experience, skill set or interests. We pride ourselves on building a supportive community that encourages and celebrates the participation and achievements in sport, including that of our students, alumni, clubs and teams.

James Yau

Director of Student Engagement

Overseeing the student engagement department, Yaui has a strong passion for bringing out the best in people and has great joy in watching students go above and beyond both within and outside the classroom.

Strengths: Always happy to have a chat

Weaknesses: Always happy to have a chat

Lucas Thiessen

Sport Manager

Lucas is the sport department's fearless leader while also doubling up in looking after representative programs under #TeamUNSW

Strengths: Can reach high places

Weaknesses: Chocolate 

Sarah Dawes

Sport Clubs Coordinator

Sarah is the ultimate sport club guru at UNSW. She is passionate about helping all UNSW sport clubs be their best at servicing the UNSW community.

Strengths: Can make you laugh

Weaknesses: You are usually laughing at her

Matt Corso

Sport Development Administrator

Matt is your on campus contact for all things sport with a focus on participation programs like Social Sport and She Can

Strengths: Cooking

Weaknesses: Portion control

Craig Davis

Facilities Manager

Craig is the master when it comes to all things sports field related at UNSW - looking for a venue for your next event? Craig is your go to!

Strengths: Kicking Goals

Weaknesses: Grand Finals

General Enquiries (Arc Sport)

P:(02) 9065 0937

H:9am 5pm

A:Upstairs, Sam Cracknell Pavilion, off Lower Main Walkway

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