Candidates & Voting Info

Arc Board Elections 2021


A list of candidates (in random order) and their statements are below. 

We would like to give to all the candidates an equal opportunity to participate in a Q&A, by asking the same questions and post their answers. You can find their responses at their statement's link. 

  • What is your vision for Arc?
  • Why is it important to be a student leader and what do you hope to achieve being on the Arc Board?
  • Why is Arc important to you?

Those who don't respond acknowledge that Arc will be publishing the Q&A from other candidates and they are choosing not to participate.


Voting for the Arc Board elections will be conducted online. 

Voting commences: Tuesday 6 April 2021 at 9:00am

Voting concludes: Friday 9 April 2021 at 4:00pm

According to Arc Regulations, clause 11.7(ii), a minimum of two (2) Student Director positions up for election each year must be filled by women.

Who Can Vote

All Members of Arc as at the close of nominations (10 March 2021), are entitled to vote for the Student Director positions on the Board.

This means that:

  • that you must have signed up for, or renewed, your Arc membership on or before 10 March 2021.
  • that your projected graduation date indicated as being beyond 2020.

How to Vote

All Arc members eligible to vote will be sent an email containing a link to the voting page. This link is assigned to your email address and will allow you to vote once. As soon as the link is used and a vote is cast, the link will expire and you will not be able to use that link again to vote (even if it is forwarded to another email address)

NOTE: the email will be sent to the address you nominated when completing your Arc membership form. It will not automatically be sent to your UNSW email address. If you are not sure which email you have provided, please log in to SpArc to view your personal details. 

Once you receive your voting link via email, vote for your preferred candidate by placing the figure 1 in the square opposite the candidate. Voters may place consecutive figures (commencing with the figure 2) in the squares opposite the remaining candidates, in order of preference.


All Arc members by voting during this election, they acknowledge that they are current UNSW students.

*THIS INFORMATION WAS PROVIDED BY THE CANDIDATES AND THE RETURNING OFFICER ACCEPTS NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR ITS ACURACY. Statements containing more than 150 words may be cut beyond the 150th word so as not to exceed that limit.*

Hrishikesh Patil

Click here for Hrishikesh 's candidate statement

Jacqueline Price

Click here for Jacqueline 's candidate statement

Alessandro Ciuffetelli

Click here for Alessandro's candidate statement

Nick Patrikeos

Click here for Nick's candidate statement

Jason Zhang

Click here for Jason 's candidate statement

Oliver Pike

Click here for Oliver's candidate statement

Nidhin James Thomas

Click here for Nidhin's candidate statement

Jennifer Lin

Click here for Jennifer's candidate statement

Mahek Hardasani

Click here for Mahek's candidate statement

Carel Greyling

Click here for Carel's candidate statement

Mehul Agarwal

Click here for Mehul's candidate statement

Company Secretary

Joelle Barallon

Returning Officer

Anna Giovanaki