Core Values

Put Students First

Put simply, students are why we exist; this is why we must be passionate in our pursuit of creating the best student experience. We celebrate that we are student led and student driven, not just from a governance perspective but from the conscious choice we make to infuse student thought into as many aspects of the organisation as possible. 

We will empower students to make change and support them through the process. By making the tools available, we will enable students to use their influence to affect positive change in our community, the university and the world around them. 

Arc can significantly impact the lives of students at UNSW, we take pride in watching the evolution and growth of the students that engage with Arc, which motivates us to do more, to be more.

Embrace and Drive Change

Change can be scary and Arc changes constantly. It is only through embracing change that we can strive to be the best. Sure we may fail occasionally or take a detour, but if we don’t try the fate of irrelevance is far worse and much more painful to watch. Let’s get comfortable with it, look for it from every direction especially from the students. Embrace change because at the end of the day you will realise it’s the only constant and it’s our pathway to being better, to doing more, to being great.

Be Better

At Arc we don’t want to be just another student organisation, we want to be one of the leading student organisations in the world. We must never settle for good enough, good is the enemy of great. We need to continually raise the bar for ourselves to improve the organisation, all the while making it that much harder for those that seek to emulate us. 

Arc is an extremely diverse organisation and it is only by striving for greatness across all of our facets, from serving a beer in the UniBar, balancing the books in finance to delivering our intern program, that we can truly deliver a exemplary complete student experience.

To be great we must never be satisfied, we will never be done, accomplishments are road markers but the journey will continue and we look forward to the ride.

Deliver More

We will constantly search for more, to deliver above expectations. We are not for profit and we will question decisions that do not deliver maximum benefits back to students. We seek operational excellence and will always strive to be more efficient across our financeand resources. 

We will look within the organisation to uncover hidden talents and resources, put people in the right jobs to flourish, and benefit the organisation. Remove misalignment and redundant processes to ensure the resources we do have are targeted towards our goals and the optimisation of the student experience.

Have Some Fun

Arc is pretty great and we want the people that work and volunteer here to have a good time, we want the spontaneous games of chair hockey, the bake offs, the all-company efforts to unload trucks or pack membership bags. We want to break down boundaries and build trust between colleagues in a fun environment, we think people that have fun at work, work even harder and are more engaged in the organisation.

Selfishly we also want the moments during and after, the moments where situations take you outside of your comfort zone and force you to think outside of the box, we know some of the best ideas come to us in the most unlikely of situations, so remember that when we suggest a staff trial of the student colour run course.


At Arc we want to know what you think, we value the opinions of each and every member, student, supplier and staff member that engages with us. Through listening to feedback we can get better. We can use feedback to create change, whilst also using it as a barometer of success. We will encourage all forms of communication and feedback from a casual conversation over an O-Week stall, to the student survey completed by 1000’s, to contracts with stakeholders or a staff performance review. We know that we can’t implement every request or action but it is only by creating a dialogue that we can identify the opportunities, the gaps and the potential.

Always a Team

Be accountable to each other and to the organisation. We have a common mission and it’s only by respecting each other that we can realise it. Listen to each other (everything starts with listening!); understand that your number 1 priority may not be someone else’s. Celebrate diversity, in people, thoughts and ideas, we know that a diverse team can only increase the positive impact we make. 

We seek to prioritise loyalty, honesty and trust resulting in strong positive relationships that will enable us to accomplish so much more. Actively try to have a positive impact on those around you and make sure you treat each other the way you want to be treated.