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What is a Club President?

The Club President is the leader of the Club. They are ultimately responsible for ensuring that the Club is run effectively, democratically, and for its members. They provide strategic direction, support the other Executives with leadership, and can achieve a great deal during their term.

What are the responsibilities of a Club President?

According to the Arc Clubs Model Constitution, the President has the following responsibilities:

  • To chair all Club, Committee, General and Annual General Meetings (held during their term) of the Club;
  • To oversee and coordinate the activities and administration of the Club;
  • To ensure that the elected officers of the Club perform duties as laid down by the Club’s Constitution, through regular e-mail updates, regularly advertised meetings, reports and notices and/or regular newsletters;
  • To ensure that all other tasks necessary for the running of the activities of the Club are performed, properly either by doing them or delegating the duties;
  • To have a thorough knowledge of the Club’s Constitution;
  • To plan the coming year’s activities;
  • To act as official spokesperson for the Club;
  • To arrive at a membership fee with the Executive;
  • To liaise with fellow office bearers;
  • To acquaint each committee member with their function, responsibility, duties and maintain personal contact with them;
  • To liaise with Arc and departments of the University where necessary;
  • To ensure that an “Application for Affiliation” form accompanied by the minutes of the most recent Annual General Meeting and an updated membership list is submitted to Arc;
  • To ensure that the Treasurer submits a Financial Report to the Club at the AGM and to Arc and that they have the Club’s finances in good order in preparation for Spot Audits by Arc;
  • To ensure that Arc is informed of changes to the Executive;
  • To pass on their knowledge to their successor; and
  • Other duties as in accordance with the Constitution of the Club.

Note: Depending on the Club and its constitution, there may be other responsibilities placed upon Executives, or responsibilities may be allocated differently.

Some tips to do a good job

The President role is not autocratic but should be there to work alongside and guide other Executives to ensure that the aims and objectives of the Club are being met.

There are a few things to keep in mind that may help you function more effectively as a President.

Firstly, you must manage your time effectively. Running a Club can be quite a bit of work, so make sure that when you take it on you are going to have the time you need to commit to it around your university and work schedule. There is always great value in planning and organisation. Set some time aside at the start of your term to plan what you wish to achieve and how you would like to go about it.

Looking over things like reaffiliation documents, grant applications and any handover information that your predecessors (previous Club President and Executive team) left you. Make sure you familiarise yourself with the Arc online platform and the best way to use it to maximise efficiency for your Club. Always make sure you have read and understand your Club’s Constitution. Consider the risks associated with your Club and its activities, and if necessary discuss with your Executive team whether the Club should incorporate and/or purchase its own insurance.

No one expects the President to run the Club on their own, which is why there is a whole team of Executives. Make sure you delegate where you can. You may be in a position where you must pick up the slack from some other members of the team but be aware of your limits and only do what you can. On a similar note, it is important to work as a team. Make sure you work closely with the other Executive members and that they are aware of their roles and what is required of them. Be open and accessible to the members of the team to try and establish a two-way relationship so that you feel comfortable approaching your Exec to help you get things done, and so they feel comfortable approaching you when they need assistance.

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