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11.2 Being a successful Vice President

What is a Club Vice President?

The Vice President (VP) role/roles is all about support. Vice Presidents take on an important leadership role in the Club and are there to help wherever they are needed. While VPs often have, specific tasks assigned them, they must work closely with the President and other Executives to ensure that the Club runs smoothly.

What are the responsibilities of a Club Vice President?

The Arc Clubs Procedures suggests the following responsibilities for the Vice President

  • In the absence of the President, to chair all Club Committee, General and Annual General Meetings (held during their term) of the Club;
  • To assist the President in coordinating the activities and administration of the Club;
  • To have a thorough knowledge of the Club’s Constitution;
  • To ensure that changes made to the Constitution at an EGM or AGM are in line with Arc requirements;
  • To ensure that any motions made at any Meeting of the Club are reflective of the Constitution;
  • To ensure that Arc is informed of any changes to the Executive;
  • To liaise with fellow Executive members and Club members; and
  • To assist the President in their duties wherever practical.

Note: Depending on the Club and its constitution, there may be other responsibilities placed upon Executives, or responsibilities may be allocated differently.

Some tips to do a good job

The most important thing for a Vice President is to be accessible. VPs need to be available to the President but also other portfolios within the Club, to be able to lend a hand wherever possible. This means that communication is particularly important as an important role of the VP is to maintain and develop these channels of communication between the President, the rest of the Executives and  the rest of the Club. As with the President, it is important that you manage your time effectively, have strong planning and organisation skills and the ability to work effectively as a team.

One key way that the Vice President can support the Executive team is to consider the risks associated with your Club and its activities, and if necessary discuss with your Executive team whether the Club should incorporate and/or purchase its own insurance.

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