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What is an Arc Delegate?

Arc Delegates are responsible for ensuring that the Club Executives are aware of Arc Clubs policies and procedures, especially in regard to affiliation and applying for grants. The Arc Delegate should also have a good working knowledge of the Clubs Handbook.

Arc Delegates have an important responsibility to develop a close working relationship with Arc, to make sure that all requirements are met, ensure forms are complete and submitted on time, and to make Executives aware of any changed policy or procedures that impacts their Club.

What are the responsibilities of the Arc Delegate?

According to the Arc Clubs Model Constitution, the Arc Delegate has the following responsibilities:

  • To be aware of the Arc funding system, its requirements and its possibilities for the Club;
  • To communicate with the Executive before and after each Arc Clubs Briefing to pass on information (about grants etc);
  • To liaise with Arc and the Club’s Executive;
  • To have a good working knowledge of Arc forms;
  • To collect mail on behalf of the Club from the Arc Clubs Space at least every two weeks; and
  • To attend Arc Clubs Briefings or nominate a fellow Club member to attend on their behalf or send apologies in advance (taking the form of an email detailing their name, Club, and the date of the meeting they cannot attend).

Note: Depending on the Club and its constitution, there may be other responsibilities placed upon Executives, or responsibilities may be allocated differently.

Some tips to do a good job

A good Arc Delegate is one with strong communication skills, ensuring that they remain well-aware of issues at Arc and everything that might affect their Club. The Arc Delegate needs to be diligent, making sure that they are kept regularly updated of issues. The Arc Delegate should be working alongside the Treasurer when applying for the Clubs Grant.

If there is something that the Arc Delegate does not understand, or if there is some particular issue facing your Club which Arc may be able to assist with, it is important that the Arc Delegate communicate with Arc. The Clubs and Grants Officers have dedicated times for consultations to help you out so make sure to drop in! Meeting Arc’s administrative requirements are vital to the successful functioning of the Club; therefore, it is important that the Arc Delegate has strong teamwork skills to effectively work with other Executive members to ensure all requirements are met and run the Club smoothly and effectively.

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