Information provided in this handbook is a guide only. We encourage you to seek further information and to seek advice for the best way forward for your Club

For the most up-to-date information about AGMs in 2023, head to the AGM and Reaffiliation Home Page

Why do we need to reaffiliate? 

All Affiliated Clubs are required to reaffiliate with Arc every year to continue to have access to Arc’s funding, resources, and support.

When do we need to reaffiliate by? 

The relevant dates for regarding Reaffiliation are as follows: 

  • Mandatory AGM period is Week 1 – Week 4 in Term 3
  • The submission period for reaffiliation applications is in Week 1 – Week 5 in Term 3 
  • The deadline for Club Reaffiliation applications is 5pm Friday Week 5 in Term 3  
  • Clubs should see details below regarding the consequences if applications are not submitted on time 
  • Clubs will be advised of your application outcome on the Affiliation Reset Date (by mid December) 

Arc will run Reaffiliation Training and provide other support to Clubs ahead of the reaffiliation period to assist Club Executives in preparing complete applications for submission. 

If your documents are submitted on time and complete, your Club will be considered as ‘Provisionally Reaffiliated’ until the Affiliation Reset Date. At the discretion of Arc Clubs staff, you will continue to have access to Clubs resources (even whilst your application is being processed) unless your affiliation is rejected (at which time your access to resources will be suspended). Provisionally Reaffiliated Clubs will generally not receive cash payments (other than refunds) from Arc until affiliation is finalised (this includes grant payments). 

What happens if we don’t submit our reaffiliation? 

If your application is not submitted within this timeframe or has been submitted but is incomplete, your Club’s affiliation with Arc will expire. This will result in the suspension of your Club’s access to all Arc Clubs resources. Once your Club’s affiliation with Arc has expired, access to resources may not be reinstated until your reaffiliation has been approved. 

If you submit your application late, then your Club may also be ineligible to have an O-Week Stall for the following year. Late applications will be processed once all timely submissions have been finalised, which will also be a significant delay for your Club's plans, so get prepared early! 

Clubs should contact Arc Clubs at to discuss their options regarding late reaffiliation.  

What do I need to do to reaffiliate? 

For your Club to reaffiliate with Arc, plan and hold your Club’s AGM within the mandatory AGM Period and submit your Club’s reaffiliation application within the Reaffiliation Period. You can find a guide to AGMs (including all requirements) in Section 9 of the Clubs Handbook. 

Clubs must submit their reaffiliation documents on their Club SpArc account. As of 2021, the Clubs Finance Templates and AGM Meeting Minutes Templates are mandatory formats for submissions.  

Once your application is approved on the Affiliation Reset Date, you will be issued with a Bank Letter and details about your Secretarial Allowance (see Clubs Handbook Section 5 (General Resources)) and how you can access other benefits from Arc

Your Club's affiliation is then valid until the next Annual Affiliation Reset Date (unless there is a breach that leads to the Club's Suspension). During this time, you can access Arc resources and funding to help you run your Club and organise activities. 

Note: if there are issues with your Club’s application, whether your Club will retain access to resources will depend on the specific issues to be addressed. In some instances, (particularly where there are issues with the AGM), a reaffiliation application may be denied, and you may need to resubmit the application

There may be instances when you are required to hold an EGM to finalise missing or incorrect information. All the relevant information about resources access and deadlines to address issues will be included in a notification email sent from the Arc Clubs Team.  


What if it has been a couple of years since my Club was last affiliated with Arc

A Club that was previously affiliated with Arc and wanted to become affiliated again, but whose affiliation has not been active for more than 24 months must apply as a New Club. See Clubs Handbook Section 3 for information on this process. 

How long will it take to find out the outcome of our Club’s reaffiliation application? 

Clubs will be contact by end of the Affiliation Reset date. Clubs should ensure that they submit the correct information upon application to ensure there are no delays with their outcome. 

Arc Clubs Office

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H:10am to 5pm

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