Agms & Reaffiliation

Your one-stop-shop for all the things you need for your Club's AGM and Reaffiliation.


Reaffiliations are now OVERDUE:

Reaffiliation submissions were due 13/10/2023. Failure to submit your reaff will result in your Club becoming unaffiliated. Find all the resources and info you need below.

AGM & Reaff Timeline 2024

Your Club must hold your AGM anytime between Term 3 O-Week – Week 4 (02/09/2024 - 04/10/2024) 

You must then submit your Reaffiliation Documents via SpArc by the end of Week 5 (Friday 13/10/2024) 

If you have concerns about these deadlines, please contact the Clubs team at to discuss options.

Essential Files & Templates | Pre-AGM

Arc Clubs AGM/Reaffiliation Checklist

Everything you need to do to get reaffiliated!

Access here!

AGM Notice Template

Make sure you give a minimum of 7 days notice!

Access here!

Club Finance Template

The official Arc template for your financial submissions! Updated for 2023

Access Here!

Club Model Constitution

[RECOMMENDED] The official Arc template for your constitution! Updated for 2023

Access Here!

Essential Files & Templates | During & Post-AGM

Affiliation Agreement Form

Officially sign in your Executives

Access Here!

AGM Minutes Template

Take notes of what happens during your AGM

Access Here!

AGM Attendance Form

Take the details of your AGM attendees

Access Here!

Executive Details Template

Take the key details of your new Exec team!

Access Here!

Letter of Authority Template

A template to help you stay affiliated!

Access Here!

Example Proxy Form

An example proxy form for members to vote if they cannot make the AGM

Access Here!

Executive Handover Template

Make sure you let your successor know all the key details to doing the role!

Access Here!

Everything You Need to Know in 5 Minutes

What’s an AGM?! How do I host one?? What do I need to submit?! Don’t stress! It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3, 45678- okay maybe it’s not so easy… If you’re feeling a bit lost, Arc Clubs has put together a 5-minute guide that’ll make you an AGM Pro in no time! So kick-back, as we take you through everything you need to know about hosting your 2024 AGM.

Need Support?

⚡Fast-Tracked Reaffiliations! ⚡

During the Reaffiliation Period, Clubs are required to do a range of things, such as update their Constitution, find a location for their AGM and run it and try to work out the admin processes from scratch. With fast-tracked reaffiliation, we aim to make this process much easier for you. 

We have booked out CATS Rooms, will review your documents, chair the meeting and write your AGM Minutes to ensure a smooth reaffiliation submission! 

Eligibility Requirements ✅

  • No more than 6 elected Executives
  • AGM duration must fit within the 45-minute slot
  • If quorum is not met 10 minutes after the agreed start time, the AGM is called off

If you think your Club could use a helping hand, book in for a Fast-Tracked Reaffiliation today! https://arclimited.formstack.c...

Further Resources

Arc Clubs Reaffiliation

P:02 9065 0930

H:10am to 5pm

A:Level 2 Basser Steps, Gate 5 on High St, UNSW




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