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Take a tour around Sydney (and beyond!)

Explore Sydney and its surroundings with our Arc squad, one adventure at a time!

Not sure where to go on the weekends? Have a place in mind but don't know who to go with? Wanna travel with those as keen as you are? And meet people from all walks of life? Hesitate no more and come along with our Arc Goes To squad for your next adventure! 

From exploring various coastal and bush walks around Sydney, to sipping wines in the gorgeous Hunter Valley wineries, up until going all the way to Port Stephens to catch the whale migrating season, we sure do have a trip that suits YOU! 

Organised by students, FOR students, we offer a range of FREE and discounted trips! Sit back and relax as our amazing team of volunteers will do all the planning and behind the scene works for you, so all you need to do is just hop along on the fun! 



T3 O-WEEK | Free BBQ

T3 O-WEEK | Rose Bay to Watsons Bay Walk

T3 WK1 | Sydney Harbour Photo Walk with PhotoClub

T3 WK2 | Harbour Bridge Climb

T3 WK4 | Artsweek Gallery Crawl

T3 WK3 | Blue Mountains

T3 WK6 | Sculptures by the Sea

T3 WK8 | Hunter Valley Wineries


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TERM 2 Highlighted Trips

WK1 | Spit to Manly Walk

WK4 | Manly to North Head with UNSW Canberra

WK 5 | Patisserie Run with BakeSoc

WK8 | Port Stephens Whale Watching

TERM 1 Highlighted Trips

WK2 | Royal National Park

WK5 | Hunter Valley

WK 5 | Karloo Pools with WanderSoc

WK 6 | Watsons Bay with PhotoClub

WK8 | Camping in the Bush

WK10 | Cooking with Our Big Kitchen


Join the tour guide team and take students on new adventures all over Sydney and beyond as one of our Arc Goes To...Volunteers!

If you love exploring new places and meeting new people, this volunteer opportunity is made for you! 

Learn about Sydney's hidden gems while up-skilling. You can gain experience on working in a team, planning and organisation, leading and managing a group of people, communication and interpersonal skills...and more!

Volunteering with Arc Goes To... is also recognised on your Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS).

Keen on knowing more about the role? Click HERE to get a detailed description on the volunteer role!


Intake | APPLY NOW Application closes Saturday, 14 September (O-Week)

Time commitment | MODERATE 2-3 hours per week (except when you join us in full day trips)

Meet the Coordinator

Hi, my name is Tiffany and I'm this year's Arc Goes To Coordinator! I personally love to travel and during my free time, you will find me out and about, either exploring a new brunch spot or a hidden gem in Sydney or even just roaming on the streets admiring different unique architectures. 

I volunteered for Arc Goes To in 2018 S1 and became a Senior Volunteer in 2018 S2. This year, I decided to step up and take the role of the Coordinator and I'm excited for what's in store for Arc Goes To!

If you are looking to travel with people who are as keen as you are, or just simply to breakaway from your studies for a weekend getaway, then Arc Goes To is the right place to be! 

Get in touch

Arc Goes To… Student Coordinator

Tiffany Zhu

P:(02) 9385 7700


A:Arc Precinct, Basser Steps, Kensington NSW 2052

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