Stationery Reuse Centre

Eager to try new things, stock up on stationery, make great friends? 

Stationery Reuse is just for you!

Volunteers at the Stationery Reuse Centre keep students well stocked on all their stationery needs and work towards a more sustainable campus!

The Stationery Reuse Centre is UNSW’s one stop (free) shop for once-loved and re-purposed pens, highlighters, rulers, and everything else that you forget to shove in your pencil case!

Volunteer Role

During the COVID-19 shutdown period, although our Stationery Reuse centre is closed and normal operations for donations have been suspended, we are welcoming all volunteers to contribute ideas and digital content to share via the Arc Facebook, Instagram and YouTube platforms. If you are keen to contribute ideas and content please email Jeeves -

Volunteering at the Stationery Reuse Centre is also recognised on your Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS).


Donate //
Currently the Stationery Reuse Centre is not open and will not be accepting donations. 

Arc Reception

P:(02) 9065 0900

H:10AM - 5PM

A:Gate 5 on High St, UNSW

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