By recycling and refurbishing computers and accessories, eReuse helps to reduce e-waste in the environment.

Reduce e-waste while helping bridge the digital divide!

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Do you need a new device, mouse, keyboard or new cable? We might have what you need! 

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External donations (especially laptops) are always welcome from anyone (companies included) interested in reusing and recycling computers!

Fill in our donation form for any donations. 


Interested in combating climate change? Reduce e-waste and promote sustainability with eReuse!

eReuse provides opportunities to develop or further refine your computer refurbishment skills through hands-on experience. 

Gain communication and teamworking skills by learning to work and collaborate with a team of like-minded students.

Previous experience with computers or refurbishing computers is not necessary as we will equip you with the necessary skills. All who are interested are welcome to apply!

Volunteering with eReuse is also recognised on your Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS).




Mission Australia Pathways Advisor at City East Community College

The eReuse laptop we received has been given to Sundus, a student at our centre. Sundus arrived from Australia last year from Iraq on a humanitarian visa, with her husband and four children. She and her husband have been studying English at the centre and she also attends computer classes here.

The manager, computer teacher and I felt it would be suitable to match Sundus with the laptop so she can continue with her studies. I think when I gave them the laptop they were a little bit shocked but pretty pleased at the surprise moment of the day!

Pictured: Sundus and her husband at City East Community College with their eReuse laptop


Social Worker/Family Counsellor | Dalwood Spilstead Service

I am a social worker, working with families struggling with trauma and social disadvantage. I found out about eReuse from a colleague, while I was trying to source some refurbished computers for a client’s school aged children, and also for a single mother who is trying to get back into the workforce via study.

eReuse were so generous and helpful in responding to my requests on behalf of these families. It really makes a difference for them. My clients are so grateful and I am thrilled that there are resources like this I can so easily connect them to. Thanks eReuse!

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