The Producers

Welcome to The Producers!

Keen to grow some produce? Want to meet others and create a model for living a sustainable life? The Producers program is for you!

Here at The Producers, we're all about promoting sustainability on campus. We're a volunteer-based group dedicated to planting, maintaining and harvesting veggies (or "produce") around campus.

What we're doing

Upcoming Projects and Workshops

Terrarium Tuesdays

The Producers x Roundhouse present: Terrarium Tuesdays! A weekly terrarium building workshop.

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Urban Farm

An exciting new project for The Producers in 2022! Urban Farm aims to provide a fun and interactive space for the UNSW community to grow produce, and learn about sustainable gardening in urban areas.

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Keep up to date

The Producers Blog

Gardening hacks and simple DIYs!

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Monthly Gardening Updates

Keep up to date on how our new plants have been growing!

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Digital Art Wall

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Meet Your 2022 Coordinator

Hey guys,

I'm Sophie - the new Producers coordinator for '22! I'm super passionate about all things environment and sustainability - particularly when it comes to growing fresh fruit and veg. I believe veggie patch gardening can be accessible to all - no matter your time, space or monetary constraints - and provides a fun way to relax and reset from the demands of uni life. 

The Producers are always open to new volunteers - regardless of past experience or knowledge. So if you're looking to learn a bit more about sustainability, contribute to a greener campus, and grow your own food - Join The Producers today!

Contact The Producers!

The Producers Coordinator

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