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Every artist was first an amateur and Arc is here to help you feel fabulous while you're finding your thing! 

At Art & Design we encourage you to experiment, engage and enjoy. Whether you're an aspiring artist, dynamic designer, curious curator or an A+ arts writer Arc can guide you to find the creative flair that will take you higher. From Kudos Gallery, equipment loans and mentoring programs to those parties you'll never forget, clubs and events, we’ll support your creative flair with tons of member benefits. You'll also get to learn those things they don't teach you in the classroom.

Upcoming Events

Art & Design ANNUAL 19

WK12Tue 03 Dec – Sat 14 Dec

A highlight on Sydney’s cultural calendar, the A&D ANNUAL 19 Graduate Exhibition is back on Tuesday 3 December 2019.


AD Space

Your On Campus Gallery Space

Kudos Gallery

Three Foot Square

An alternative exhibition space located at Gate 1 beside the main entrance to the UNSW Paddington Campus



Artist in Residence Program

Arc @ UNSW Art & Design Grants/ Committee

Art & Design Student Council


Events & Activities

The Mural Project




Art Schooled



Facilities & Services

UNSW Art & Design

Arc @ UNSW Art & Design

P:02 8936 0798

H:Mon - Fri 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

A:Ground Floor D Block, Greens Rd, Paddington NSW 2021, UNSW Art & Design

Kudos gallery

Audrey Pfister

P:02 9326 0034


A:Gate 1, UNSW Paddington Campus

AD Space

Anna Kirk

P:02 8936 0798

H:Gallery opening hours: Wed - Fri 11:00am - 6:00pm; Sat 11:00am - 4:00pm

A:EG01, Ground Floor E block, Greens Rd, Paddington NSW 2021, UNSW Art & Design.

Art & Design Writers Coordinator

Jack Poppert

P:8936 0798

A:Ground Floor D Block, UNSW Art & Design, Greens Rd, Paddington NSW 2021