2017 Annual After Party

Tuesday 28th November 8pm - Late
Join the Fantasy

Realising Mother

Denise Ferris, Sally McInerney, Julie Sundberg, Ella Dreyfus, Anke Stäcker, Deborah Kelly, Raphaela Rosella, Miho Watanabe, Sarah Rhodes, Teena McCarthy, Clare Rae, Donna Bailey, Anne Zahalka, Rafaela Pandolfini, Theresa Byrnes and Lottie Consalvo.

Curated by Zorica Purlija

Kudos Gallery

1 - 18 NOVEMBER, 2017

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2017 Wrap Up

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Every artist was first an amateur and Arc is here to help you feel fabulous while you're finding your thing! At Art & Design we encourage you to experiment, engage and enjoy. Whether you're an aspiring artist, dynamic designer, curious curator or an A+ arts writer Arc can guide you to find the creative flair that will take you higher. From Kudos Gallery, equipment loans and mentoring programs to those parties you'll never forget, clubs and events, we’ll support your creative flair with tons of member benefits. You'll also get to learn those things they don't teach you in the classroom.

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