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AD Space is where UNSW Art & Design students create ambitious new work.

Since 2017, AD Space has supported artists, designers, curators and writers at UNSW Art & Design during a crucial stage in their career. 

We work with them to deliver a student-led program of exhibitions, workshops and professional development opportunities. Yearly highlights include the Tim Olsen Drawing Prize, Jenny Birt Award and ANNUAL graduate exhibition.

We are a student-run exhibition space which empowers students to develop their practice, take risks and connect with audiences. 

* AD Space is funded and managed by Arc @ UNSW Ltd in partnership with UNSW Art & Design

AD Space acknowledges the Bidjigal and Gadigal people as the traditional owners of the land AD Space operates on and we ask our community to join us in paying respect to the Elders past, present and emerging. Sovereignty was never ceded.

Getting here

AD Space is located in E-Block at UNSW Art & Design.

Enter via the ascending stairs at Gate 1. This is located on the corner of Napier Street and Rosebud Lane, Paddington.

Accessible entry via the carpark at Gate 3. This is located on Greens Road near Albion Avenue, Paddington. 

AD Space
EG01, Ground Floor E Block,
Greens Rd, Paddington NSW 2021,
UNSW Art & Design

How to apply

Applications for our FEB-JUNE (T1 &T2) 2023 program are open for students at UNSW Art Design & Architecture

Student-specific callout

Callout open: December 1 2022

Callout closes: Feb 19 2023

About the callout

AD Space includes the Gallery Space (EG02) and highly visible Corridor Space in E-Block, UNSW Art & Design. This means we can host up to two exhibitions at any time. 

AD Space encourages ambitious applications from artists, designers, curators and writers across all disciplines. 

We are open to proposals for public programs, performances, festivals, solo exhibitions, group exhibitions, class exhibitions, and everywhere in between. 

Exhibitions run for two weeks in our Gallery Space and Corridor Space.

In 2022, exhibitions at AD Space will implement COVID-safe practices. Please consider distancing restrictions and COVID-safe practices in your applications (e.g. how this may affect live performances).


Applications are open to current undergraduate and post-graduate students and staff. You can apply as an individual, group or class.


The application form will require:

1. Conceptual rationale

  • Outlines exhibition concept and works to be included.
  • Maximum of 3000 characters

2. Preferences for exhibition dates

  • Minimum of two selections
  • Provision of gallery minders is your responsibility

3. Artist statement

  • For student applications: include a biography for each individual or collective participating in the exhibition. Maximum of 150 words each.
  • For staff applications: include an overview of the course outline, assessment brief and assessment criteria for the task. Maximum of 150 words.

4. Visual support material 

  • Examples of support material include: works to be exhibited; previous work; works in progress; gallery floor plans; or models. 
  • For images, maximum of 10 images for solo exhibitions and 20 images for group exhibitions. One PDF document with one image per page.
  • For videos, maximum of 10 minutes of video. One PDF document with one link per page. 
  • All images must be clearly labelled with the artist's name, title, date, medium, and dimensions of the work. 

After your submission

After the callout closes, you will be contacted by email or phone with the results of your application when all exhibition proposals have been reviewed.

If your application is accepted, you will receive an AD Space Contract, bond invoice and exhibition information pack.

To secure your exhibition time slot, you are required to:

  1. Sign the contract stating You have read, understood and agreed to all conditions of use.
  2. Pay the bond.
  3. Read the exhibition information pack.

The deadline for these three actions is thirty (30) days after receipt of the AD Space contract, bond invoice and exhibition information pack where feasible. Failure to do so may result in the exhibition time slot being forfeited.

Assessment Criteria

Applications are reviewed by the AD Space Coordinator using the following criteria:

  • The clarity and rigour of your proposal, including its structure. 

  • The quality and consistency of the support material provided. It should effectively demonstrate your proposal's aim and your overall practice.  

  • The conceivability of the project. The proposal must be viable within the spatial limitations of the Gallery/Corridor and timeframes chosen in your application. 

  • Alignment with AD Space's mission.

Opening hours

AD Space has updated its opening hours!

AD Space's opening hours now are: Monday to Friday, 11am - 4pm.

Exhibitors are responsible for minding the gallery (or finding gallery minders) for the duration of the show. 

If gallery hours are not kept, financial penalties will apply to your bond. 

If you are unable to mind the gallery at a particular time, tell the AD Space Coordinator so we have time to assist you. 

Financial Information

There is no cost to submit an application at AD Space.

A refundable bond of $200 is required to secure an exhibition at AD Space if the exhibition proposal has been accepted. 

Exhibition and opening night expenses are the responsibility of the exhibitors. This includes refreshments for the exhibition opening night and special equipment not provided by AD Space. 

If works are being sold, the price will be determined by the exhibitor. It should include the 25% commission for AD Space and GST (if the exhibitor is registered with an ABN).

Arc Creative grants are not available for exhibitions at AD Space. 

Terms and Conditions

Read Full Terms and Conditions

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