Kudos Live

Kudos Live

Kudos Live is our annual digital and performance art event. Kudos Live has had many iterations on campus, off campus, live in person, online, in pubs and galleries since 2016. In 2023 Kudos will continue our partnership with local artist run space Cement Fondu to bring you Kudos Live.

Kudos Live seeks to foster the development of performance art within our campus community, providing opportunities for students to experiment, take risks and try something new. Kudos Live is open to all forms of performance from spoken word, DJ Sets, and lectures, to comedy, music, sound, drag, and theatre. If you can perform it we welcome it!

Kudos Live is currently open for applications: Deadline Tuesday 1st August, 11:59pm.

This year in partnership with Cement Fondu, Kudos Live will respond to the exhibition 'Cosmic Beings' which features international and Australian artists who offer contemporary perspectives on our place within the cosmos. Across video, sculpture, animation and photography, the artists draw on ancient wisdoms and new enlightenments that look beyond the Earth to expand the scope and scale of human consciousness. 

We are looking for performance artists who speak to this irreverent provocation; performances or practices that speak to speculative futures and ideas of togetherness. Poetry, dance, DJ-set, lecture - we welcome it all! By applying, you'll be committing to a live performance on the 22nd of September at Cement Fondu galleries.

If you have any questions please contact our Kudos Coordinator, Carmen Schieb, via email. c.schieb@arc.unsw.edu.au.

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