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Featured Articles

If you spend over 5 hours a day on your phone, you need to read this

Patrick shows us just how draining our screen-obsessions are to our lives.

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​I tried out a social media detox… and lasted 2 days

Lili tried out a social media detox... let's just say she didn't last very long. But are they really that important during lockdown?

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The Problem with Youtube Adoptions and Kid-Fluencers

Pin delves deep into the world of Family Youtube channels, and tells us how they're becoming increasingly toxic.

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Humans of UNSW - Danny

Carla and Jelynne spoke with Danny from Pho House to learn about where he came from and how UNSW changed his life.

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The Blitz Radio Show

In this show, Blitz takes a look at some musicians and genres of music that you might have never heard before.

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Blitz Book Club

Blitz hosts a book club where we talk about the hottest books, genres and topics in the literary world.

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Blitz Outdoors

Every week, Blitz sets up a table outside to have a chat with passing uni-students. Listen to hear from some characters of UNSW, the most embarassing stories, and the most random conversations!

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Calling all movie nerds, fanatics, and casual viewers! Cinemaniacs is the Blitz podcast where we talk all things movies and Kino!

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