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UNSWeetened is UNSW's annual literary journal, featuring the best in student creative writing, fiction, poetry and essays. 

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UNSWeetened 2020 Online

SHORT STORY: Body Horror

By Juliet Manolias (UNSWeetened Editor) - You extend your pinkie fingers first. A herculean task, but you manage it fine, and decide to toy with the idea of freeing the rest in succession.

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Water the Plants - UNSWeetened X The Producers

​The Producers plant, maintain and harvest veggies (or "produce" ...get it, now?) around campus. They also run workshops giving aimed at boosting your greenery-confidence and giving you foodie ideas. ​Now they are planting some writing seeds and watching

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Book Recommendations

Books handpicked by our lovely team members! Designed and illustrated by Sean and Matthew.

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ART: By Matthew Lim

Matthew Lim - the UNSWeetened Illustrator - reflects on their latest piece.

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POEM | Floral Solipsism

BY Russell Marsden (UNSWeetened Editor)

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POEM | Absence

BY Sean Paul (UNSWeetened Editor)

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UNSWeetened 2020 Podcast Shownotes

Come take some time out of your day to relax and take a deep dive into the world of literature with the UNSWeetened team.

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Meet the 2020 UNSWeetened Team!

Say a warm welcome to the faces behind the journal.

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REVIEW | 'With Care' Exhibition

BY Gemma Anderson (UNSWeetened Marketing & Promotions)

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REVIEW | The Penguin Book of Japanese Short Stories

BY Jack Zhou (UNSWeetened Editor)

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INTERVIEW | Marina Benjamin

Marina Benjamin is the author behind celebrated works such as, ‘Insomnia’ and ‘The Middlepause’ as well as Senior editor of the digital Magazine Aeon.

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INTERVIEW | Sam Cooney

We chatted to Sam Cooney the publisher behind the independent Australian book press Brow Books and quarterly non-profit literary magazine The Lifted Brow.

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We spoke to Eggshell Skull author, Bri Lee ahead of the Sydney Writer's Festival

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