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Since 1998, the UNSWeetened Literary Journal has published the finest poetry, essays, and short stories by UNSW students. We aspire to build a community with a shared love for literature and encourage you to interact with us and one another to create and grow.

UNSWeetened Literary Journal 2022 Audiobook will be available here on the 15th of November 2022.

UNSWeetened Literary Journal 2022 Launch Auction Results:

Bookstore #1 - Kylie Gordon 

Bookstore #2 - Amelie Araya

Bookstore #3 - Nick Jordan 

Hands #1 - Laura Gordon 

Hands #2 - Alexa Stevens 

Hands #3 - Connor Philips 

Merman #1 - Nick Jordan 

Congratulations to all our bid winners! Auction proceeds will be going to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation as a part of UNSWeetened's efforts to support local charities and literacy. 

Prints are still available. If you lost a bid or could not bid for whatever reason, we still have prints available - if you'd like to purchase one, please get in touch with us via email unsweetened@arc.unsw.edu.au. 

The digital version of UNSWeetened Literary Journal 2022 will be available soon at the bottom of this webpage! 

Our latest podcast episode on UNSWeetened and all things literature!

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