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From High School Dux to Grad Job Dunce

​I thought that I ticked all the quintessential boxes when it to grad job applications. Upper middle-class upbringing. Tick. North Shore selective high schooling. Tick. Tick. Dux, state rankings and ATAR over 99. Tick. Commerce degree with distinction WAM

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(The Truth Is) Shit Happens​

Picture this. Carrie Bradshaw sitting in a casually rolled up sweater late at night, intently typing out an aphorism about modern love and sex on her thick 90s Apple Macbook: there’s a battle between what we know and what we feel.

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Dummy's Guide To Attraction

Scared to ask your crush out because you fear crippling rejection? Are you standing at the bar with a drink a friend brought and trying to figure out if they like you or not? Don’t worry we got you fam!

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Do’s and Don’ts of Spiritual and Bodily Self-Care

Do Not: Live your life by the Wikihow page titled "How to Care for Your Sea-Monkeys". Do not let algae develop in your tank for you to eat. Do not aerate your tank with a turkey baster.

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RIP Sydney's Nightlife

If people who like to party don’t get better at writing formal letters, it’s R.I.P. to Sydney’s Nightlife

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Get Woke Or Die Trying

Ground Breaking research proves that your ‘Wokeness’ can be measured by the amount of glitter you find in your bed the morning after Mardi Gras

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Hair: An homage to the afro

Pub Science you can use in your everyday life.

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Art vs Artist | Sticky Fingers

I’m of two minds. I would like to think that I can recognise musical talent, or the importance of someone’s work regardless of who they are as a person. After all, I don’t know them.

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In the name of all that is holy, read this cautionary tale before your only sustenance is canned vegetables.

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It was on this day that I became the Electricity Nazi, the air-con commandant, the wicked witch of the light switch. From this day forward not a single light was left on unless it was completely necessary.

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Avoiding loitering in the kitchen on a Thursday? Prepared strategies to not overfill the bin? We've got some Grade-A adulting avoidance going on here.

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The big bad world bites you in the bum in a number of ways. Each razor sharp tooth a responsibility that all come chomping down on you at once. With handling my own shopping being the first of my wounds to tend to, it was time to break out the Dettol.

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It was when three of my friends and I moved into our shitty fibro share house that I came to realise my free trial of life was over.

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Four TV Shows you should binge this Winter

*put popcorn in the microwave*

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10 Ways To Know if You're a Hot, Indecisive Mess

8: Your opinions are a swirling mass that devours all information coming your way but never really takes one solid shape.

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10 Ways To Know You're Studying the Wrong Degree

Whether you’re four years into a law degree, considering transferring from science to teaching, or just dipping your toe into chemical engineering, there’s a little voice in the back of your head that whispers ‘is this the right place for me?’

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10 People Failing Worse Than You

We fear failure and the possibility of taking stats in summer school but the thing is, there are always people who have it worse. Here are ten people who have definitely had better days.

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10 Instagram fitness models that will actually help you get fit at uni

Lacking motivation to head to the gym after class? Struggling to have the time to cook healthy meals? Walking into the gym but having no idea what to do?

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5 Body Positive People to Follow on Insta

If you’re like me and you’re addicted to Instagram (forget that Facebook, Snapchat or Twitter crap), you probably spend a lot of time scrolling through #aesthetic feeds.

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10 Show Tunes (to Make You Cry Like a Baby)

One of the greatest things about show tunes is that when you’re listening to a song, you’re not just listening to one single song, you’re listening one part of a greater narrative.

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7 Things You Should Be Doing ( to Go to Bed Before 2am)

Here are 7 simple things to (hopefully) get you in bed before 2AM - and up in time for your 9AM lecture. Yawn!

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5 Reasons to Use Your Libido for It's God Given Purpose

Looking for reasons to tell your m9s that there is nothing wrong with playing the field? Look no further than our exploration of the benefits of a healthy sexual appetite.

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Walama Muru | National Reconciliation Week

Ammbi Muir, Walama Muru Volunteer gives a heart-rendering speech on the importance Reconciliation Week.

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Refurbishing computers and donating them to local charity groups in need!

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Artsweek is all about UNLEASHING your creative side. No longer are we just a feel good art festival - welcome to the creative stomping ground of UNSW Kensington's campus!

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The Student Cookbook

Whether your signature dish is toast and the entirety of your cooking experience is watching Tasty videos on Facebook, or you whip up dishes worthy of a Michelin star – the Cookbook is your back pocket guide for simple, delicious meals.

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Festival of Sport

Ready, sweaty, go!

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So what is UNSWeetened? Is it like, low cal cooking?

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Stress Less Week may be wrapping up, but that's just the beginning for Wellness.

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Ongoing Compendium of Notable Bus Passengers

Somewhere, a fantasy tale set in the middle ages is missing it’s loveable-ey dull giant who runs ‘round unknowingly causing chaos in the kingdom.

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A Series of Experiments

When I was filled with sadness, it was only because I had forgotten the silver-green creek at the edge of my family’s property, which served as the backdrop of my existence.

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Uber Differences

Nola: “Anyways, I don’t actually think Donald Trump is thaaaat bad.” Me internally: Okeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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Thinking of f@#king off overseas for a Semester? Why not Florida!

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Thinking of f@#king off overseas for a Semester? Why not Edinburgh?

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Serious Trivia with Jeeves

5 facts you know you need to not know.

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Problem: sports bore me to tears. Solution: Lyra.

Aside from the endless giggles and fun that come with aerials classes, there is the body positivity that feels inherent within the practice.

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Hate running? Try Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

I’ve read about the high that people experience when they run or go to the gym and I suppose it just was not meant to be. So if like me running is not your thing perhaps martial arts is.

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I exercise to stay sane

Your relationship with exercise doesn't have to be about beauty standards, it can be about your optimum brain function, it can be about self-control, it can be about transcendence.

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Sport | Where Failure Is Success

Failures flying at your head from all angles? Tired of walking the long path of mediocrity in cycles of failures? Why not give sport a try where failure is success!

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How To Survive Life After Uni

​For university students, graduation is a term that can evoke low grade anxiety and a turbulent influx of uncertainty, yet at the same time, it can perpetuate an unbridled sense of liberty and relief.

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Get your best thoughts out you UNSW brain geniuses

This is one of those illusive chances for you young, bright and ~ a n g e r y ~ folks with big ideas for how to change a deeply imperfect world around us, to get a foot in the door.

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Student Survival Guide

Get to the gown, get to the gown!

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Instagram Rebrands as 'Chris Hemsworth's Diary'

After the long weekend coverage of Chris Hemsworth’s life, social media giant Instagram has decided to call it quits and go with the market demands.

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World's supply of irony is officially exhausted

Contrary to popular belief, irony is a finite resource in the world, and was sustainably used for centuries, only dipping when a humorous calamity or great work of art was created.

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Philosophy for Fun

Tradies of UNSW strike fear and admiration into the hearts of female student population with stream of Foucault references in casual conversation.

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