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Quarter Life Crisis

It was during summer break of 2017 when I read an article that predicted your date of death based on ABS statistics, your age and where you have lived. The article predicted that I would die on 26 December 2079. Needless to say that’s when my quarter life

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10 Show Tunes (to Make You Cry Like a Baby)

One of the greatest things about show tunes is that when you’re listening to a song, you’re not just listening to one single song, you’re listening one part of a greater narrative.

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5 Things You Didnt Know (That You Needed to Know)

​How to Make the Most Out of Your Mornings

Your sweet sleep is ruined as your obnoxiously loud alarm rings, irritating not just you but your parents as well. You groan as you reach over for your phone to turn it off before settling back into your cosy and warm bed.

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Books Worth The Time

Everyone knows that life just gets in the way (of everything), and this is especially true once the rush of semester comes into full swing...

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7 Things You Should Be Doing ( to Go to Bed Before 2am)

Here are 7 simple things to (hopefully) get you in bed before 2AM - and up in time for your 9AM lecture. Yawn!

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RIP Sydney's Nightlife

If people who like to party don’t get better at writing formal letters, it’s R.I.P. to Sydney’s Nightlife

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Not So Easy Lovin'

Attraction + Intimacy = Sex and/or Relationship. Right?

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Get Woke or Die Trying

Ground Breaking research proves that your ‘Wokeness’ can be measured by the amount of glitter you find in your bed the morning after Mardi Gras

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Philosophy for Fun

Tradies of UNSW strike fear and admiration into the hearts of female student population with stream of Foucault references in casual conversation.

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Top 6 Tips for Having a Lush Mardi Gras

With one of the world's biggest pride events hitting Sydney on Saturday we thought you might like some advice on how to make the most of the glittery annual spectacle Mardi Gras in 2018.

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I Am Busy (Therefore I Matter)

Please kindly slap me next time I tell you I’m crazy busy. You’ll be doing my overinflated ego a big favour.

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Fast Forward

​When we were little the concept of time seemed irrelevant. All that we would care about was running home to watch Dance Academy and eat red clouds.

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(Everyone I know is) Bad At Love

Commitmentphobes, Lonely-Romantics Microcheaters, Breadcrumbers, Ghosters: everyone I know is bad at love.

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The Perils of Wearing the Pants

Confidence – something we all want to have, unless we have it.

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Why International Women's Day is a terrible idea

Tokenistic and infuriating, diversity days are part of the problem not the solution.

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5 Reasons to Use Your Libido for It's God Given Purpose

Looking for reasons to tell your m9s that there is nothing wrong with playing the field? Look no further than our exploration of the benefits of a healthy sexual appetite.

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What to do with your existential crisis

Tips & tricks to help you survive uni (and life)

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How to're in the sexy grey area

Welcome to Uni, and if no one has made it clear to you yet – these years will be excruciating and yet, you will love them.

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Arc Programs


So what is UNSWeetened? Is it like, low cal cooking?

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Ready, sweaty, go!

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