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Green Book & Racial Politics at the Oscars

BY Katherine Wong

The 91st Academy Awards took place just last week. But when Green Book won Best Picture, director Spike Lee stood up from his seat, and left.

On face value, this might look like a fit of arrogance, a fury fuelled by that fact that his own movie BlackkKlansman did not win. Or maybe it would seem he was mad that Green Book wasn’t progressive enough. But why should that matter? Both movies are about racial tensions in America, and both movies are great in their own rights; so on the surface it seems like either should be able to win and promote the Oscar’s newfound ideals regarding diversity. But the Lee’s attempted boycott is grounded in much more than that.



Celebrating our female athletes, all stars and glass ceiling breakers.

3 Streamable Female-Centric Sport Movies To Watch! NOW

Need some kick ass inspiration to get off the couch? Just want a killer movie? We got you!

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Truly In A League of Their Own

Madonna. Geena Davies. Rosie O'Donnell. These women & this movie were really in A League of Their Own

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How Much Food Should We Be Eating Each Meal?

Eating. Oh we love you. Our tip: enjoy your food.

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Why Reaching Rock Bottom Isn't Ever That Bad

We have all be there. Just remember that there is always a way out.

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Meet the team of student coordinators behind everything from Clubs to Arc's 30+ volunteering programs.

Arc Clubs

Clubs, clubs, CLUBS! Did you know that Arc oversees over 300 clubs? We sat down with Clubs Officer Tracey to learn more.

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Day Of Play

If you can dodge a wrench you can dodge a ball (maybe). We chat with Keona Lee before the first Day of Play.

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The kids are alright. Looking back and re-living our best (childhood) selves.

Spice Girls: A Nostalgic Highlights Reel

We will tell you want you really, really want? A Spice Girls highlights reel!

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A Medley of Childish Things To Do in Sydney Guilt Free

Spending hours Facebook scrolling? STOP. Whip out the Betty Crocker & get creative.

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5 Kids TV Shows That Exemplify Why Millennials Are The Meme Generation

Have you ever, ever felt like we are the meme generation? Need an explanation? Look no further than our love of trash TV gold!

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The Reality of ‘Carpe Diem’

In Dead Poet's Society we were told to seize the day! Now, it's time we do it.

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10 Tips to Making New Friends (As An Adult)

Ready to get wholesome AF. Ditch those nerves and friend up!

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An Early 2000’s Guide of the Things Kids Are Missing Out On

Potato Smileys. Fairy Bread. Calling you mate on the home phone. What are kids today missing out on?

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Instagram Child Stars To Follow With ZERO Guilt

Tired of grouchy old influencers? Give these kids a follow.

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Maintaining Friends Outside of the Classroom

You don't make friends with salad. Head back to the playground with these tips.

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New year, new us!

Murder on the Dancefloor - Don't Kill Live Music Rally

Laura attended the Don't Kill Live Music Rally in Sydney's Hyde Park & is encouraging us all to spread power, not hate.

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3 People To Inspire You To Make the Most of Uni

Already ready struggle to muster up the courage to face the new year. We have three people that will get you excited to start back at uni!

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Getting Acquainted with Trimesters. A Dummies Guide.

Starting NOW we are in trimesters. Still unsure what a trimester is? We are here to help.

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I Set a NY’s Resolution and Stuck To It. Here is What I Have Learnt…

A new year offers a chance for us to be better than who we were yesterday. Alana has some new year, new me inspo for you!

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Plan For Your Week 9 Meltdown in Week 1

Stop your stressing! Plan well in advance for your end of trimester meltdown.

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