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Euphoria Wasn't Made For You

Of course the content of Euphoria is shocking to the critics - it wasn’t made for them.

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An Analysis of UNSW Students' Music Tastes

Alind crunches the numbers of what UNSW is currently listening to.

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The Bittersweet Joy Of Going Home

Exchange has definitely changed me for the better. In nine months, I experienced some of the best times of my life, but with the highs also came the lows.

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The Boys

Gordon Graham’s play The Boys explores antisocial young men and their dissolution into a shocking and evil realm where thoughts of heinous crimes no longer burden its people, but rather drive and exhilarate them.

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STRESS LESS WEEK: What A Perfect Time to Give YOGA A Try!

Feeling stressed? Here's why you should finally give yoga a try.

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The Public

The Public is a breezy social drama, elevated by quirky humour and dedicated performances.

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LANY @ Enmore Theatre

LA’s premier indie pop band LANY took over Enmore Theatre on Sunday night, with pop sensation Robinson on support.

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3 Reasons Why I Miss Commercial Breaks

I believe we killed something that deserves a place in the world of contemporary television: The Commercial Break.

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Blitz Short Film Festival Challenge

Students of UNSW, have you ever wanted to make a film?

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Playlist | Year 6 Disco

Playlist | Iconic 90s/00s Movies



Skeggs @ Enmore Theatre

As soon as you walked into The Enmore Theatre on Sunday night, you could instantly tell the type of band that was about to play.

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Must See Acts At Splendour In The Grass 2019

The annual winter pilgrimage to one of Australia’s biggest festival is nearly upon us.

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Autosuggest @ Staves Brewery

Saturday night at Staves Brewery greeted guests with thundering, industrial post punk rhythms as Autosuggest took to the stage to perform their debut album Tame Harm.

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A Beginner's Guide To 'Heathers The Musical'

I know for many people seeing the word ‘musical’ either attracts you or puts you off a bit, but hear me out.

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Top 5 Music Venues In Sydney

Sydney is lucky to be spoilt for choice when it comes to concert venues.

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5 Reasons Why Music Festivals Are Better Alone

Here are 5 reasons that music festivals are better alone.

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Five Diving Adventures in Manly

International student Charlene recounts the excitement (and terror!) of adventure diving in Sydney.

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1 Year in Kangaroo Land

International student Charlene reflects on 12 months down under.

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The Penguin Book Of Japanese Short Stories

Jack takes a look at this anthology of Japanese literature.

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4 Ways To Be An Eco-Smart Traveller

It’s important to recognise the impact travelling can have on our planet.

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Budget Travel Accommodation

Travelling on a budget? Check out Fiona's tools for finding cheap accommodation.

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Underrated European Cities

Jo gives us the inside scoop on some hidden European gems.

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Travel Burnout

Johnson explains why it's sometimes good to turn down a free trip to Japan.

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Studio Ghibli SBS Marathon

Get some popcorn, some friends, shut the blinds and spend the weekend in style!

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Where The Crawdads Sing

Christina gives us her thoughts on the New York Times bestselling novel.

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Hein Cooper

Globetrotting singer-songwriter Hein Cooper spoke to Georgia about his sophomore album, 'Underneath It All'.

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Winter Style Guide

Gillian gives you a guide to working the season’s elements in style.

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Leggings: A History and Politics

The only butts Christina wants to see will be spandex clad.

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10 Ethical Fashion Instagram Accounts You Need To Be Following

Here are 10 ethical fashion accounts that’ll help you become the conscious consumer you’re trying to be.

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Explainer: Fast Fashion

Molly gives us the rundown on fast fashion and its impact on our world.

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Oxford St Op-Shop Hop

Consider this your unofficial guide to op-shopping down Oxford Street.

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Jo reckons Booksmart is one of the best films of the year.

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BLACKPINK @ Qudos Bank Arena

Lisa, Jennie, Rosé and Jisoo are four incredible performers who put on one hell of a show for Australian fans.

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RÜFÜS DU SOL @ Carriageworks

These three know how to end a sold-out national tour with a bang, and in their hometown no less.

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Student Sustainability with Arc @ UNSW

From bike repair to organic veggies, Charlene breaks down every way you can be more sustainable at uni.

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How To Be More Eco-Friendly

Here’s a list of 7 simple, everyday things that you can do to become more eco-friendly.

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SFF: The Nightingale

The Nightingale is not for the faint of heart.

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Love, Death and Robots

This Netflix exclusive animated series covers multiple genres including comedy, action and science fiction, all with a futuristic, cyberpunk tone.

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Liam explains what one of the most popular games of the past five years is all about.

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Charlene explores the lives the super-accomplished "child stars" who put us adults to shame

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SFF: Judy and Punch

This subversively feminist film is very much worth your time.

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SFF: Varda by Agnès

A fitting farewell to a giant of French cinema.

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SFF: White Light

George Gittoes' film provides the raw truth about Englewood, in South-Side Chicago.

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SFF: Her Smell

Her Smell makes you feel like you’re taking part in a psychedelic thriller where all the smallest sounds are amplified and the loudest feel like whispers.

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Curve Ball 2019

Curve Ball returned to Carriageworks for 2019 on Saturday, bringing a stacked line up to Sydney's inner west.

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She Is Coming | Miley Cyrus

Miley's latest EP is a commemoration of strength and perseverance.

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Game Of Thrones (And Fan Fury)

Game Of Thrones has finished, but not everyone is happy with the way it ended. Is the outrage justified?

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Winter Health Tips

Use these tips to help avoid the dreaded winter sickness.

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How To Define Your Style In Winter

Ensure your personality seeps through loud and proud so that the winter period can still be a time to experiment with fashion!

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Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies, Ranked

Which of the 22 Marvel films is the best?

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Maggie Rogers at Enmore Theatre

Maggie spread her magic in Sydney last week, and Laura was there to capture it for us.

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The Society Season 1

Netflix's latest hit show is a curious mix of Lord Of The Flies meets The Pied Piper.

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