Top 10 Best Places to Cry on Campus

by Caroline Sinn

Let’s face it, university can be tough. Between balancing school, work and social life, sometimes all you really need is a quiet place on campus to have a good cry. Inspired by UNSW Love Letter #29897 (and my own personal experiences), here’s a consolidated list of what I believe are the best places to cry on campus: 

10. On the train/light rail

  • I know, I know, it’s not technically on campus, but who doesn’t love a music-video-moment where you tearfully watch the world go by?

  • Pro Tip- if you don't want your breakdown interrupted by "The next stop is...Kensington, followed by UNSW Anzac Parade...", wear headphones blasting with your favourite soulful tunes.

9. A Bathroom, Any Bathroom 

  • What more can I say? This one’s a classic. On one hand, it’s easy and convenient, on the other, it usually stinks and there’s a consistent stream of people coming in and out. There’s also little privacy unless you pick an obscure bathroom. 

8. The Arcade (Upper Campus Food Court)

  • Hear me out, most people are too busy enjoying their food to notice you crying at the next table over. However, the smell of delicious kebabs might distract you from the task at hand and thus, this otherwise great pick gets a low ranking.

7. Law Library

  • Libraries are another good option! Although you need to find a good spot. If you luck out with a cubicle, you’re golden. Head down and cry silently. But therein lies the problem, libraries=quiet. If you schedule your breakdown for weeks 8 or 9, you are likely to find several others quietly sobbing around you. Find yourself a cry buddy and celebrate your misery together!

6. Main Library

  • The main library outranks the Law Library with its 13 levels, there’s more of a chance to find a good crying spot. You could even try booking a private study room. Plus, it’s cooler than the Law Library (not as hot and stuffy). Still, it suffers from the same problem, if you aren’t a silent crier, libraries just won’t cut it. 

5. Empty Room or Lecture Hall

  • Now, these are a bit like rare Pokemon, hard to catch. On the off chance you find an empty room or lecture hall, you can go wild and cry to your heart’s content. But you do risk being walked in on. The high floor of Tyree Energy Building is often quiet, along with the Scientia Building and the underground floor of the Science and Engineering Building. P.S.- avoid Mathews at all costs.

4. Hammock Style Nets at Alumni Lawn


  • Comfy

  • Good views 

  • Windy aesthetic 


  • Holes in the net (you don’t want your tears falling down onto those sitting below you)

  • If you want the good views you gotta climb up, odds are you’re already crying before you get onto the nets

  • Holes in the net (x2) you don’t want to drop your phone/wallet/keys through them. Because there’s nothing worse than having a good cry, dropping your phone, having to climb back down, grab it, and then climb back up again.

3. (Not Alumni) Lawns

  • Who doesn’t love sitting in sunlight, touching the grass, and enjoying the breeze? If you find a tree, you could lean against it, sit in shade and let down the waterworks. Some options include the Michael Birt Gardens, the Pool Lawn, and the Physics Lawn. We would advise against Alumni Park because it’s just too public and you might accidentally see yourself sniffling in the background of a random vox pop being shot. 

2. Outdoor Benches

  • There are outdoor benches scattered throughout the campus which provide a nice spot to sit out in nature and enjoy the company of the occasional ibis (bin chicken) or turkey. Crying here is guaranteed to make you feel like the protagonist of a Nora Ephron movie. Some of these benches are located at the Webster Courtyard, near Goldstein Theatre, the garden next to the John Burrows Theatre, and the Library Lawn. 

  • If you can time it, try to target after 6 PM because the sunset is simply gorgeous and would provide a major stunning backdrop to your unwinding.

1. UNSW Psychology and Wellness

  • All jokes aside, the best place to have a cry is in the company of a counsellor who can listen and offer you support. UNSW provides confidential counselling services to all enrolled students. If you are struggling, there is help available, you don’t need to go through it alone. 

Caroline Sinn is currently studying a double degree in Law and Media (Communications and Journalism). When she isn’t hanging out with her super cute dog, she’s listening to Spotify or re-watching her favourite comfort shows and movies. 

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