Where To Nap In UNSW

By Shaye Easton

Cover Art by Eamonn Hanna (@eah.sketch)

Late nights and long days of study wearing you down? We’ve compiled the ultimate list of campus locales for some refreshing shut-eye!

It’s that time of term when the work is piling up and the cognitive marathon we’ve been running is starting to get the better of us. Long days of classes follow long nights of study, assessments and last-minute class prep, and as a result the only thing we manage to absorb during our morning lecture is the coffee by our laptop. Perhaps it’s time to hit refresh with a quick midday nap, but where should you go for that much-needed R&R? Don’t worry—we’ve got you covered.

Go Au Naturel

On days when the sun is out and the air is warm, you can’t beat a nap on one of UNSW’s many well-kept lawns. Plant yourself under a tree, shut your eyes, and drift off to the sound of the wind in the leaves! Three of the best spots are Library Lawn, Scientia Lawn and that little trapezoid of green wedged between Robert Webster and Science Theatre. Each has lots of space and the benefit of shade from a tree or two. What’s better—thanks to COVID foot traffic on campus is light, meaning your nap won’t have an audience the size of ANZ Stadium.

Library Lawn

Scientia Lawn

Lawn between Robert Webster and Science Theatre

Alumni Park Lawn

Bench It

Quad outside Central Lecture Block

Perhaps lying on the ground isn’t your thing, or you really aren’t up for grass stains on your new jeans—no worries! UNSW is packed to brimming with outdoor benches. A great spot is right outside the Central Lecture Block, where the benches are numerous, out of the way, and shaded under a copse of trees. Stretch out a comfortable foot above the floor, plug in some earphones, and drift away.

Glamping Only, Please

Quadrangle Level 2

So you want fresh air, minus the unpredictability of nature? We hear you! Put your feet up undercover at the Quad. Benches are padded and set back from the elements, where no sun, wind or storm can ruin your much-needed shut-eye. The best benches can be found on the quieter level 2; there’s even an off-shooting corridor which offers relative darkness. But better be quick—the top spots go fast!

Library or Bust

Napper in Main Library (Source)

You knew it was coming, and here it is: no list of napping spots on campus could be complete without mentioning the Main Library. It’s padded-bench galore, warm on colder days, and dead-quiet above level 4. But library-napping comes with its own set of challenges. Seating goes quickly, and you’ll need to mind the Library Conditions of Use Policy: For your own safety and the comfort of other clients, sleeping in the Library for an extended period is not permitted. Staff reserve the right to wake a sleeping person.

So your stay at this book-themed motel may be short-lived, but it’ll be comfortable in the least!

The Holy Grail

Sleep Pods located Main Library, Level 3

Did you know that UNSW has its own Sleep Pods? Located on level 3 of the Main Library, these babies will deliver the ultimate sleep experience—not just shut-eye, but full, unfettered REM. Due to COVID they’re currently closed for use. But with the near-total easing of restrictions here in NSW, it may not be long before you’re napping in the lap of luxury!

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