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G-Flip | The Lansdowne

Despite having only released two songs, Melbourne multi-instrumentalist G Flip already has a significant base of loyal followers. On Thursday night’s intimate show at the Lansdowne, these fans were treated to one hell of a party and shown what the future

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SPREE | I do what I want

UNSW’s own SPREE (Gemma Lipman) has exploded onto the scene with her debut single ‘I Do What I Want’. It’s a dark, industrial tune with badass lyrics that make you feel unstoppable.

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Lex Deluxe

2018 has already been a huge year for 21-year-old DJ Lex Deluxe, but she’s not done yet.

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Edward R | Paradise

“You make me feel like paradise, and you take my heart and twice as nice, and I’m never going to leave your side, no matter what the future’s like, as long as we’re in paradise.”

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Meres | Feardom

​One of the tags on Meres’ Triple J Unearthed page is “all the things you thought you’d forgotten about”. It’s the perfect description for the emotions her latest single, Feardom, evokes.

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Courtney Barnett at the Sydney Opera House

DIET | Sundown EP

The new EP from Melbourne band DIET, their second in three years, is being released on the 24th of August. Blitz was lucky enough to get an early listen to Sundown, an EP bursting with frantic energy.

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Chicks to Replace Dicks in your Spotify Playlists

You’ve read it in the headlines and heard it belted by frontwomen - female artists are standing up for their rights to equal representation on festival stages and in the music industry.

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Top 10 Winter Albums

It’s still freezing. It’s been cold for a long time, and it’s probably going to continue to be cold for a long time. So if you’re going to hunker down and survive the winter, you need this definitive list of the best winter albums around.

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Kurt Vile | Bottle It In

BY Sam King

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Last Dinosaurs | Yumeno Garden

Brisbane indie-rockers Last Dinosaurs have returned with Yumeno Garden; their third album, and their first in three years.

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Ocean Alley | Chiaroscuro

This Northern Beaches group is making their long-awaited debut performance at the Roundhouse this week, so it only seems appropriate to delve into their recent hit album Chiaroscuro – no, I don’t know how to pronounce that either.

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Tia Gostelow | Thick Skin

Tia Gostelow’s debut album builds on years on hype to deliver an immense, powerful statement.

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Verge Collection | Flaneur

West Australian band Verge Collection brought out their debut album, Flaneur, earlier this year. With its unique combination of catchy hooks and existential dread, it’s the perfect album to listen to as the waters of assignments begin rising up.

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Skegss | My Own Mess

Byron Bay surf-rock trio Skegss released their debut album My Own Mess on Friday, and it’s surprisingly good.

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Tash Sultana | Flow State

Although Tash Sultana has enjoyed a prosperous career thus far, she wants her critics to know that she’s capable of much more than looping guitar riffs over four chords.

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Jack White | Boarding House Reach

There’s a reason Jack White is coined the “Willy Wonka” of Rock and Roll, and a gaunt, ghostly resemblance to Johnny Depp’s portrayal isn’t the only thing giving him that rank.

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Ariana Grande | Sweetener

Imagine this: your life is water…and let’s be real. You’re basically at your boiling point. Sweetener is a bag of sweet, rainbow tea.

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Mac Miller | Swimming

On the same day that Travis Scott’s much anticipated Astroworld was released, Mac Miller’s Swimming dropped - marking his fifth studio album, and first release since The Divine Feminine (2016).

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​Guns 'N' Roses | Appetite for Destruction

In case you have been so sorely deprived of ever having heard the rock and roll legend that is Guns N’ Roses’ Appetite For Destruction, let me be the bearer of fortune, for today we go down a road of no return.

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The Babe Rainbows | Double Rainbow

As thousands flock to Byron Bay for Splendour In The Grass, Byron’s local psychedelic monks The Babe Rainbow look to the outside world from behind their shoulder length hair and remind us to just… chill out, y’know?

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Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever | Hope Downs

Having steadily built hype since the band’s first release in 2015, Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever have finally released their first album, Hope Downs, and it’s Aussie AF.

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Fleet Foxes

I remember when I first picked up a copy of Fleet Foxes (at Vinnies, like the hipster trash that I am), and read the little note included by lead singer Robin Pecknold as some form of artist statement. It came as a surprise for a number of reasons.

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Arctic Monkeys | Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino

'Iconic British band dramatically changes sound in shift away from guitar rock.’ No, I’m not 18 years late with my review of Kid A.

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Kimbra | Primal Heart

I bumped into Kimbra a couple of months ago. Not in person. I was sinking into the newly found black hole of Empress Of videos, a young Latin American singer and there she was, hiding as a back-up singer, thus sparking my 55th Kimbra rediscovery.

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Trophy Eyes | Chemical Miracle

With a creative and dynamic blend of melodic hardcore and upbeat pop-punk, this album does not disappoint. For the older Trophy Eyes fans who loved the band’s gritty, hardcore sound, and for those who prefer a more refined, alt-rock sound – Chemical Mirac

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​SAFIA’s debut album, Internal, is definitely a debut to be reckoned with.

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GRiZ | Good Will Prevail

​DISCLAIMER: This album may be a whole lot of fun but it is definitely not for the faint of heart. If you do not like filthy wubs, sexy sax or roaring guitar then I suggest you divert your attention elsewhere.

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Glass Animals | How to Be Human

​Glass Animals’ sophomore album, How to be a Human Being is eccentric, upbeat and unique.

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Moose Blood | Blush

​Moose Blood’s sophomore album, Blush, is a collection feel-good rock anthems and emotional love songs.

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Montaigne | Glorious Heights

​Montaigne’s debut album, Glorious Heights is a funky, rhythmic and driving collection worthy to be crowned Blitz Radio’s first Album of the Week.

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