Sometimes, student life can be tough. But always remember...so are you!

Whether you need a break from the books or some advice, Arc Wellness is here with fun events and helpful resources. Look out for our Wellness Warriors on campus doing random acts of kindness and pop up activities to remind you to take care of yourself and each other.

Wellness Activities

Flower Power Random Act of Kindness

You press your nose against the vibrant red petals, a sweet fragrance enveloping your senses. Your shoulders relax, you exhale deeply, you crack a smile. For a moment, you're not worrying about the pile of assignments on your desk or the upcoming maths quiz. You're reminded of all the beauty around you, and your monochrome world is suddenly painted over with brighter coloured hues. All this, thanks to a couple of smiling strangers handing you a flower.

For me, nothing is more rewarding than watching this transformation - watching a random act of kindness brighten someone's day. - Kelly Yoon, 2nd Year Arts/Law, Wellness Warrior

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