Wellness Resources

Here at Arc Wellness, we care deeply about student wellbeing. Most of us are students ourselves so we understand the struggles and we want to make this period of life easier for all. 

Here you will find a bunch resources created specifically for students and young adults. From upkeeping your mental health, to overcoming loneliness, learning to set goals and making sure you're well prepared for your first serious interview; we've put together a bunch of resources that we hope you will find helpful. 

Wellness Resources

Download some activities and booklets to help you stick to your wellness goals!

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Getting Support Guide

Goal Setting Finding Your Why


Sexual Health - Answers to Student Questions from Headspace Clinicians

How To Help a Friend

Educational Resources on Mental Health Disorders

Answers to Student Questions From Counsellors Wellness x Indigo

Resume and Interview Tips

Body Image

Relationships and Loneliness

A Guide to Making a Difficult Decision

Dealing with Failure

Burnout and Dealing With Stress

Support Services

Get Involved