Wellness Warriors

Wellness Warriors are student volunteers defending you from negative habits by equipping you with all the tools and resources you need to stay afloat. 

The Warriors are working towards destigmatising mental health and proving you with the things you need that help you de-stress and remain relaxed! We understand the stresses of student life and are dedicated to finding ways to help you cope. Look out for the Wellness Warriors around campus doing Random Acts of Kindness, hosting Pop-Up stalls and spreading the wellness message!

Wellness Warriors of the Week


What are you studying and what year of study?  

First year Computer Science 

Why you chose to be a Wellness Warrior? 

I’ve been working in the wellness space for a while and I want to do all I can to make student life better, whether it be changing one life, or ten! 

What is one health habit you have started? 

One Health habit I’ve implemented is using a calendar/diary wombo combo to keep on track of my life! This means I spend less time freaking out about what’s happening, where and when! 

What were the results? How did it make you feel? 

More sleep, less stress! Winner Winner! 


Third year computer science/commerce

I chose to be a Wellness Warrior because I believe having a healthy mental and physical health is vital for students to survive in the sometimes fast-paced and challenging uni environment. Having been a victim of depression in my early uni years, I am very grateful for my friends who kept on motivating and giving me positive vibes. Therefore, I would like to do the same and promote healthy habits and remind other students to look after themselves and each other as well as letting them know that they can always reach to someone when they need help! 

One health habit I’ve started is sleeping earlier than 1 a.m. and waking up at 8 a.m. 

Waking up early has been a big challenge to me, especially since I’m a night owl. However, ever since I decided to wake up early, I feel more energized throughout the day. I was able to get more things done and feel productive. I feel a sense of achievement and happy knowing that I start the day right! :-D 

Past Events

O-Week Goals T1 W0

O-Week 2019 saw Wellness Warriors giving out potted flowers in return for students setting a SMART goal for the year. We want everyone to remember to grow just as their plant will!

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Flower Giveaway T1 W1

Giving away a flower can make someones day! This Random Act of Kindness spread joy by giving flowers to students as they walked between classes.

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Apple Giveaway T1 W2

This Random Act of Kindness saw the Warriors giving out a whole bunch of apples to hungry students. It was a great way to give out something for students to enjoy, while also giving their brain a boost for more learning and an afternoon of classes!

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Day of Play T1 W2

We hosted the chill out zone at 'Day of Play', ensuring students were hydrating, stretching, and eating heaps of fruit, after games, sport and getting active.

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Sleep T1 W3

Students forget how important a good nights sleep is. They had the opportunity to pledge one way they could improve their sleep schedule in return for a mug and a sleepy tea.

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Gratitude T1 W4

We often forget to tell those around us that we are grateful that they are in our lives. Wellness Warriors had students write and decorate letters to those they are thankful for so we could post it to them. It was an endless day of smiles, happiness, and

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Eating Well Care Packages T1 W5

Wellness teamed up with Street Team to create care packages with snacks and healthy recipe's. The teams got together to decorate them, and spread the word of Wellness.

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Plaster Painting T1 W6

What did you do for fun as a child? Recreating these nostalgic activities is a great way to know what to do as self-care. Students had a blast painting and taking an important break from their busy lives.

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Stress Less Week: Pat a Puppy T1 W8

Austin the Therapy Dog in training joined us for Stress Less Week. He is working towards a fantastic goal of being an emotional support companion like many other dogs. He attended as a reminder of the great work that therapy dogs can do for us.

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Stress Less Week: Tea 'n' Tips T1 W8

This year the Wellness Warriors provided an opportunity for students to share their strategies for stressing less. They wrote their tip on the side of a cup, and swapped it for another which was filled with a tea of their choice! We gave away almost 1000

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STUVAC Suppers T1 W11

During Uni study periods, students often forget to look after themselves. Its a great opportunity to remind everyone to take a break every now and again. We had tea and snacks at the library each evening during STUVAC getting students to share their study

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Self Care T2 W1

We were on Main Walkway in Welcome Week giving out a free potted plant after filling in a self care plan! Its a great reminder to take care of yourself just like you would a new pot plant. We all need water, some sunshine and a little bit of love!

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Day of Play T2 W2

Day of Play was a huge success, with yoga classes, free fruit and lots of activities to pick up and play. The Wellness Warriors spread smiles in their purple shirts, with students getting super enthusiastic about healthy snacks!

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Queer Week T2 W3

For Queer Week the Warriors helped students make friendship bracelets in the colours of their Queer Flag! It was one of out busiest activations, with students coming to learn about the LGBTQI+ community and have some fun between classes.

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Stay Dry T2 W4

This week The Warriors went around the library and gave out ponchos to students that forgot their umbrellas on a very cold and rainy day! They got a lot of smiles and 'thank you's' in return, and saved over 30 people from the rain!

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Booklets and Encouragement T2 W4

We went out to give students a little something to get them to think about their wellbeing. By the end of the day we gave out over 100 interactive wellness booklets with mini pencils that were pegged together with words of encouragement. It was a really s

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Foundation Day T2 W5

For UNSW's 70th Birthday we gave out donuts for those students that faced their procrastination in our 'Wellness your way' booklet. The day ended with 400 less donuts, and 400 do to lists started #donutgiveup

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Paint what you love T2 W6

We asked UNSW students to bring out their inner artist and paint something they love. The creativity was infectious with it leaving students with a clearer mind before class, after they handed in their assignments, or as a great thing to do while catching

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UNSW Health Service Liver Checks T2 W7

Arc Wellness partnered with UNSW Health Services to offer eligible students free Hep B and Liver tests. It was a fantastic day educating students on their livers and the importance of testing!

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Stress Less Week: Gratitude Tree T2 W8

During Stress Less Week the Wellness Warriors got students to think about who or what they are grateful for by adding it to the Gratitude Tree!! These notes of thanks swayed in the wind all week and brought a lot of smiles to those having a peak :)

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Stress Less Week: Pat a Puppy T2 W8

Students gathered each day to have a peak at Austin, a trained emotional support therapy dog. He is only two years old and wears his therapy jacket with pride! Students not only got to feel how soft his fur is, but hear about the good that therapy dogs do

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Stress Less Week: Tea 'n' Tips T2 W8

This year the Wellness Warriors provided an opportunity for students to share their strategies for stressing less. They wrote their tip on the side of a cup, and swapped it for another which was filled with a tea of their choice! Although the sun was shin

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Stress Less Week: Polaroid Pics T2 W8

The Polaroid Camera came out this term to capture great memories between friends!

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Stress Less Week: Flower Giveaway T2 W8

Wellness Warriors gave away single stem flowers on Wednesday as a Random Act of Kindness to remind students to 'Petal to the Medal!!!'

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