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Welcome Back Day

25 JUL

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Start of Session Party

27 JUL

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Foundation Day

3 Aug

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Foundation Day Party

3 Aug

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Party like it's 1999

All work and no play makes student life pretty bleak. We sure know how to throw a shindig at Arc, and we want to make sure all UNSW students are feeling entertained, engaged and excited about all the great events at uni. Head over to the Roundhouse for the deets about all the upcoming parties and events!

Whether you dance like Napoleon Dynamite, or a contestant on So You Think You Can Dance, slip on your dancing shoes and get ready to groove the night away at one of the Roundhouse's many amazing events. Love an opportunity to dress up? Our Roundhouse parties are themed, so start practicing your toga wrapping technique for the Toga Party or working on your skeleton face painting technique for Halloween!

Can't shake it? Don't feel the beat? We've got plenty of other amazing events to entertain and delight y'all. Discover your arty side at a Kudos Gallery exhibition opening or gorge on free food at The Student Cookbook Launch Party. 

For updates and to find out costume themes for Session Parties, check out FacebookBlitz and Roundhouse.

Check out the pics from previous events

Think you got snapped by one of our famous Arc photographers busting a move on the d-floor at last night's uni party? Take a look!

Want to get involved?

Looking to gain experience in event management, or just want to have inside knowledge of everything that's happening at uni? Volunteer with Event Horizon for a backstage pass to Arc events and excitement. You can also apply to complete a year long paid internship with Arc as the Venue & Events Intern.

Upcoming events

welcome Back Day :: 25 JUL

Start of Session :: 27 JUL

Big Trivia :: Stranger Things :: 1 AUG

Foundation Day :: 3 AUG

Foundation Day Party :: 3 Aug

Comedy Night :: 9 AUG

Social Sport Starts :: WK 4

Phil' Fun-A-Thon :: Sign Up Today!

Big Trivia :: Noughties/ Throwback :: 15 AUG

Walama Muru Trivia Night :: 17 AUG

Dance Classes Start :: WK 5

Artsweek :: 22 - 24 AUG

UNSWeetened Launch :: 24 AUG

Big Trivia :: Internet memes 'n' Drama Queens :: 29 AUG

Springfest :: 12 - 13 SEP

Big Trivia :: Disney :: 12 SEP

Clothes Swap :: 13 SEP

International Night Markets :: 14 SEP

What's On

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M:PO Box 173 Kingsford NSW 2032

A:Level 2 Basser College, Entrance through Gate 5 on High St, Kingsford 2033 NSW

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