29 SEP 2020

Gold Coast singer and songwriter, Doolie Shadforth aka DOOLIE mesmerizes us with her latest album ‘I hope you like my mixtape’ released earlier this year; her beautiful vocals mixed with the R&B influenced pop/electronic beat is definitely a combination leaving us very excited for more. Doolie gives us a run down of her finalist position for the 2020 Gold Coast Music Awards’ inaugural Gold Coast Music Prize, past and present collaborations, dream tours, upcoming projects and where to get the best burgers on the Gold Coast. 

Roundhouse: Hey DOOLIE, thanks for taking time to join us at the Roundy!  

DOOLIE: Pleasure!! Thanks for having me J 


Roundhouse: You’ve been making waves recently, such as being a finalist for the 2020 Gold Coast Music Awards’ Inaugural Gold Coast Music Prize. How do you feel about the feedback and recognition you’re getting?  

DOOLIE: It’s really nice to see that people enjoy my music, and makes me happy that my music makes people happy in general, but it’s also really nice to feel validated by my Gold Coast peers 


Roundhouse: There are a number of amazing collaborations on ‘hope u like my mixtape’ that we love – especially when Paces joins you for ‘Don’t Run’. How did this collaboration evolve? 

DOOLIE: that was one of my first features I did back in late 2017 and it was super fun! My label tee’d it up and it was heaps of fun to work with Mikey, so it was really exciting for me to jump on my first feature track with someone like PACES, considering I was very, very green back then. He’s super cool - he has helped me and guided me along as I was a newbie, and given me some of the best advice, which I really appreciated. It also lead on to joining him on part of his Zag tour as well as a guest spots on stage (GC Olympics, Hot Dub Time Machine tour). 


Roundhouse: If you could tour with anyone (dead or alive), who would you choose and why?  

DOOLIE: Oh so many! Definitely GaGa and Ariana Grande, just to perform on a stage like theirs would be amazing and SZA would be awesome too! TKay Maidza would be pretty cool to tour with. The first time I saw her was right when she released her song with PACES, Switch Lanes, and it was Laneway Festival, Brissy - She can really put on a show! She was amazing to watch on stage, she can really draw the crowd in and hold them - super entertaining. 

Roundhouse: We loved ‘hope u like my mixtape’ which is available to stream on Spotify. We want to hear MORE! Do you have any upcoming projects or releases in store that you can tell us about?  

DOOLIE: Well, Well, well, I just did a photoshoot this week for some up and coming music that will be coming out very soon! I’ve put a lot of work into the whole concept behind them all, and I’m so excited that they will be released soon! So keep an ear out, hold on to your seats, it’s exciting, different, fun and can’t wait for everyone to get to hear my new songs! 


Roundhouse: Before you leave us, we want to know:  

  1. Space buns or braids?  

DOOLIE: well I think I personally have to go with space buns, ‘cause I have a very weird shaped head and they give me some height in my hair! 

2. Tiktok or Instagram? 

DOOLIE: See I love Tiktok for the memes and feel I’m definitely on the weirder side of Tiktok, not into all the dances though, ‘cause I can’t dance! but I do get into to Instagram a bit more – like I know how to use it! 

3. Netflix or Stan?   

DOOLIE: At the moment I have to go Stan just cause the whole Ru Paul Drag Race collection is on there. but then again, Netflix did just release Mary Queen of Scots and I really want to watch that so, I’m on the fence, also just got Disney Plus so I’m on the fence about that one too!! 

4. What will be your next cover on Instagram?  

DOOLIE: Oh requests!! I have no idea rn, I’m loving my classic 90’s house hits, like Anastacia (I’m Outta Love) iio (Rapture) - I’d actually love to hear what people want me to cover – keen as!  

5. Where can we find the best burgers on the Gold Coast? 

DOOLIE: Um best burgers on the GC, well I’m sorry to break it to everyone but I actually don’t eat burgers but one of my favourite places to eat is the Aloha Bar because they do really good Asian-fusion and I am a massive Asian-fusion foodie, they also do really good cocktails and the ppl are super nice!