23 SEP 2020

South Australian goddess George Alice joins us to chat about what she has been up to since winning Triple J’s Unearthed High in 2019, ‘Stuck In a Bubble’, what inspires her and whether she’s a vegemite on toast kind of girl.

Roundhouse: Hey George Alice, thanks for joining us at the Roundy! Congratulations on the success of ‘Stuck In A Bubble’ and the release of the music video. Could you shed some light on the inspiration behind the track? 

George Alice: This track really felt right for the next release, it had the maturity and sophistication I really wanted to showcase as the follow up from circles. It mainly focuses on being stuck with people you’d rather forget, reminiscing on old times and now coincidentally isolation.  

Roundhouse: What’s your approach towards songwriting? Do you take inspiration from personal experience?  

George Alice: It depends on what being on, I like the change it up to make sure I don’t get stuck in any habits. Sometimes its things I see, or things I want to say. People won’t listen to what the kids have to say until it’s in a way they will appreciate. Music is how I tell the world my views and opinions. 

Roundhouse: We’re dying to know what your go to karaoke song is.  

George Alice: It would have to be ballad queen Adele, with someone like you, never fails.  

Roundhouse: What nugget of advice would you give budding young artists out there?  

George Alice: Stay true to yourself, be authentic and stand up for what you believe in. 


Roundhouse: Just a super quick fire round of questions.  

      1. Hey Baby – DJ Otis or Horses – Daryl Braithwaite? 

George Alice: dj otis with Hey Baby for sure, sorry not sorry Daryl 


      2. Tiktok, Yeah Nah or Nah Yea? 

George Alice: Tik Tok goes off, I wouldn’t make them but the best to watch 


     3. Vegemite on toast or fairy bread? 

George Alice: Vegemite all the way! 


Roundhouse: Thanks so much for joining us! We are super excited to hear more music from you.