8 SEP 2020

Emily Hamilton, aka San Mei digs at our heartstrings with her awe-inspiring latest release ‘Midnight’. We get to know more about San Mei as she gives us an exclusive low down on the creative process behind the track, what she has been up to as an artist during COVID-19, what she misses about performing live shows and insight into her current favourite things.

Roundhouse: Hey San Mei, hope you’ve been well during this pandemic. We know that 2020 hasn't been the best year for everyone - but we want to focus on the positives! Do you have any highlights so far?

San Mei: I know a lot of people have been doing it tough, but I'm really lucky to be able to say I've been enjoying a lot of the downtime so far! I toured so much last year and I miss it, but it's also been awesome to rest, knuckle down and focus solely on writing and recording new music. 

Roundhouse: A massive congrats on the release of ‘Midnight’! It’s such a beautiful track that transcribes feelings of losing someone in one gorgeous indie rock track. If you could choose any 90s movie soundtrack to feature the song on, what would you choose?

San Mei: Thank you! Ugh there are so many 90s soundtracks I'd kill to be on, but not sure I could go past 10 Things I Hate About You for this one!

: Where did you record ‘Midnight’ and what was the creative process like?

San Mei: Midnight was a bit of a tough one to record! It took a couple of rounds in 2 different studios and many nights tracking and re-tracking at home to get it right... That was a little unexpected because it's one of my simpler / more straightforward songs, but I think because it had a bit of a 60s garage vibe going on, I had to work really hard to get it to feel right in context with the rest of my music. And given its sentimental value to me, I had to make sure it was right. So it was long and sometimes painful, but I learnt so much and am really happy with how it turned out. 

Roundhouse: What is the funniest moment you’ve had recording in that studio?

San Mei: I don't think I could actually name just one. I work with the best and funniest people and we usually spend as much time laughing as making music. Things usually start to get pretty wacky by hour 12 of recording so there are way too many moments for me to break down.

Roundhouse: We see that you have a few shows lined up which is amazing news during this time
of the year! You’re playing Homecoming 2020 in the Goldy late September - what have you missed
the most about performing at a festival?

San Mei: I feel so grateful to get to play shows again! I've really missed the rush of performing, connecting with the audience and just that electricity in the air you get with festivals. 

Roundhouse: Just before we wrap things up, we just have a few quick-fire questions:
1. You can only pick one. The Kills or the Yeah Yeah Yeahs?

San Mei: It hurts to choose but I'm gonna say The Kills.

2. What’s your go to coffee order?
San Mei: Almond flat white

3. Original Tim Tams or Pavlova?
San Mei: Tim Tams! I will always choose chocolate over egg whites.