1 MARCH 2021

Nominated as Triple J's 2020 Album of The Year, Spacey Jane consists of four band members known as Caleb, Peppa, Kieran and Ashton - the indie rock garbage band's debut studio album, Sunlight, also debuted at no. 2 on the ARIA Albums Chart in 2020. The band's love for touring found them at our own Roundhouse, where we decided to ask them a few questions regarding COVID-19's impact on their touring experiences, their personal favourite songs within their debut album and some random food questions! We loved learning more about them and cannot wait to see their continued success!

ROUNDHOUSE: Spacey Jane, welcome and thanks for hanging with us at the Roundy!

Spacey Jane: Cheers! Thanks for having us!

ROUNDHOUSE: We know that COVID-19 has been a really difficult and challenging time for artists. We love that you took part in Isol-aid 2020. What’s the funniest thing to happen to you since COVID-19 restrictions?

Caleb: We went for 65 hour drive around WA and played in bunch of tiny coastal and/or mining towns. It was probably both the strangest and most amazing touring experience we’ve had as a band! 10/10 will do it again.

ROUNDHOUSE: Massive congrats on dropping your latest album ‘Sunlight’! So many good tracks, from tunes perfect for a good backyard barbie, Sunday sesh or even a roadtrip. Could you shed some light on the inspiration behind the music video of ‘Head Cold’?

Spacey Jane: Thanks! We’re really proud of it. Haha well you’d really have to ask Matt Sav (producer/director) about that. We just wanted to make something a little weird that we could all be involved in, you can make of it what you want!

ROUNDHOUSE: How many takes did it take to get Caleb in the pool floating perfectly for the music video?

Caleb: 1! I float like a…log or something I dunno.

ROUNDHOUSE: What was your favourite track on ‘Sunlight’ to record?

Peppa: Skin

Caleb: Booster Seat

Kieran: Weightless

Ashton: Love Me Like I Haven’t Changed

ROUNDHOUSE: You’re making waves across Australia. We overheard this convo at the UNSW Quadrangle:

Student 1: “Omg have you heard of Spacey Jane?”

Student 2: YES, they’re AMAZING!

Student 1 & Student 2 break into song & start singing ‘Good for You’

True story.

We want to know, what’s your current favourite song to cover right now?

Spacey Jane: Yay more SJ flash mobs! I wish we would cover My Happiness, we live for the sing along here at Spacey Jane.

ROUNDHOUSE: Just before we wrap up, here are a few quick-fire round questions for you to answer:

1. One record you can’t live without?

Caleb: Yankee Hotel Foxtrot - Wilco

2. Freo Vs. Sydney? 

Caleb: Has to be Freo!

3. Espresso Martinis, Yeah nah or nah yeah? 

Caleb: Hell yea!

3. Meat pies or Maggi Noodles?

Caleb: It really depends on the mood but I’d probably say Indomie Mi Goreng if I’m allowed a third option??