Meet Paul Crowley: Food & Beverage Manager

19 APRIL 2021

We spoke to our newest Food & Beverage Manager, Paul Crowley, on everything Thirsty Burger and Unibar! We got into the specifics of sustainability, personal favourite food and drinks, secret new menu items (shh!) and eggcellent food tips!

ROUNDHOUSE: What's the best part of working at the Roundhouse?

Paul: Being part of such an awesome array of talented individuals who all have different skill sets that make the team such a professional outfit to be involved with.

ROUNDHOUSE: With sustainability being one of the Roundhouse's and UNSW's main focuses, how are you actively trying to minimise food and water waste?

Paul: All taps in toilets are time pressure sensored, so taps cannot be left running. We also only use the best star energy saving devices for our dishwashers and glasswashers. All food is ordered fresh daily and stored in air sealed containers and dishes to provide minimal waste.

ROUNDHOUSE: What is your favourite food served at Thirsty Burger?

Paul: Definitely the CHICK CHICK BOOM!!! Much better than any Oporto!

ROUNDHOUSE: State one of the best food tips you've found.

Paul: When I was younger, a chef told me how to make the perfect poached egg. Simply add vinegar to boiling water over the stove and swirl the water vigorously, and then crack the egg into the swirling water. The egg will form into a neat cocoon due to the vinegar making the water more acidic, which helps the egg white coagulate and form into a solid. The perfect poached egg! 

ROUNDHOUSE: What's your drink preference?

Paul: For me, nothing beats a full-bodied Shiraz from the Coonawarra. My favourite is St Hugo's Shiraz or its sister, the St Hugo's Cabernet Sauvignon, which goes deliciously with a medium-rare scotch fillet steak!

ROUNDHOUSE: And finally, we're dying to know if are you testing any new food items to go onto the menu? Please tell us!?

Paul: Yes we are, and sorry, it's a secret!!

Visit Paul and the home of beer and burgers at Thirsty Bar and Unibar! 

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