Supporting Aussie Artists

13 APRIL 2021

The live music entertainment industry is struggling with only 4% operating at pre-COVID levels in Australia. 

At the Roundhouse, we are proud of our relationships with small and upcoming Australian artists. The road to recovery hasn’t been easy, but we’re working hard to help reconnect artists with their fans and live audiences. With restrictions on live entertainment lifting, we’re excited to return to the lively and dynamic atmosphere that our iconic Roundhouse shows have always delivered to our guests.  

And even in the face of the previous restrictions, we’ve worked to adapt to the new reality of entertainment with new technologies, staying up to date with news announcements, and brainstorming new ideas to better enhance the experience of shows with restrictions. In the meantime, we are hosting free weekly afternoon gigs in the Beergarden to support local DJs and artists in their audience reach and exposure.  

The Australian Government have recently announced their support to the live music industry by implementing $135 million into the sector, and with the NSW Government further helping venues by investing $24 million.  

As much as these extra funds will help with the operation of venues, however ongoing support from audiences is needed to ensure the longevity and success of small artists and their gigs. With the Roundhouse’s new and improved accessibility, thanks to the Light Rail, we’re excited to return to regular trade and our iconic gigs. 

So, how can you help your fave artists? It’s as simple as just showing up.   

Want to support your fave artists? Click below for the list of upcoming gigs that you need to see!

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