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A showcase of UNSW's creative writing.

UNSWeetened doesn't like to sugarcoat anything. Especially not literature.

UNSWeetened in 2019 is going for a sense of wabi-sabi - the beauty of imperfection. 

It hopes to capture the magic of a 20th century poet's old beaten and battered coat pocket note-book, mixed with a subdued, relatable modern take. Taking an approach to design that is soft, nuanced, and intimate, UNSWeetened hopes to inspire students to write without the strains of producing a perfect text. Think - coffee stains, pencil sketches, hand-sewn sweater patches, fading photographs or polaroids that fade into view, Japanese ceramics and chipped porcelain, natural imprints, marks, wears, tears, scribbles. UNSWeetened hopes to create a sense of comfort, just like the comfort found in the trusty friend that is a writer's journal. See the current design mood board here

UNSWeetened literary journal is where UNSW’s creative writing talents are showcased at their best.

Published annually since 1998, the journal features an eclectic mix of prose and poetry derived from our university’s diverse mix of students and faculties. It’s a great way to get your work published in print as well as to have your work judged by some of the biggest names in the Sydney writing scene. Now entering its 21st year of creation, the journal has come to be regarded as one of the best student literary prizes and publications in Sydney. 

UNSWeetened 2019 Literary Journal

If you've always dreamed of being published in print, or you're a newbie just wanting to give writing your best shot, then keep on the look-out for our open submissions! The best way to keep in the UNSWeetened loop is via our newsletter. Sign up below to hear about submission dates, writing opportunities, competitions, events, plus writing tips and tricks.

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