3 Ways to Make Gigs More Sustainable

29 AUG 2019

How can touring artists promote environmental sustainability at their shows?

Ziggy Alberts played a sold-out show to 2,200 fans at the Roundhouse in February 2019. The Sydney artist is passionate about sustainable touring. We worked with his team to reduce its environmental impact by implementing three simple initiatives.  

1. Plastic Straw Free

1. Plastic Straw Free

Australians use about 10 million straws every day, or 3.5 billion a year. Most are used just once for around 15 - 30 minutes, after which they are thrown away. It was a simple request, so we banned plastic straws for the event. 

Since then, we have implemented a venue-wide ban for all events and day-trade at our bar. 

2. Globelet Cups 

2. Globelet Cups 

We can use anywhere up to 3,000 plastic cups at a Roundhouse gig. We worked with Globelet to offer attendees plant based plastic cups (PLA) that can have much lower environmental costs during production, and if they do end up in the environment, they don’t break down into harmful microplastics.  

3. Plastic Free Rider

3. Plastic Free Rider

A rider is a set of hospitality requests an act sends through for their show (think Van Halen’s legendary ‘no brown MnM’s’ request!) This meant implementing simple solutions to cut out plastic, such as offering water jugs and glasses instead of water bottles to Ziggy and his team.  

Since Ziggy's gig, we trialled our first plastic free party with Globelet, whereby attendees paid a deposit for a cup, which was refunded when they returned it.

We are continuing to work on a range of sustainable initiatives, which you can read more about on our sustainability page

Photographs courtesy of Brayden Smith. 


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