5 Digital Tools to Elevate Your 2018 Events

5 January 2018

OK, OK, we all know digital is in. But how do we use the plethora of digital tools, social media sites and apps out there to our advantage at events?

Relax! We’ve done the hard work for you and here are our top choices to give your next event that added pizzazz to engage and excite your delegates.

How about crowd polling?

The traditional conference format can be a limiting if there is little interaction to retain delegates' short attention spans.

Crowd polling turns a one-way lecture into a conversation, allowing delegates to get involved in conference content. There are a few ways to incorporate this into your event, from simple, low-cost solutions like hashtags on Twitter and groups on Facebook, to more advanced solutions.

Slido is a dynamic tool which allows you to introduce live Q&As and polls and it’s specifically designed for meetings and events.

Snap it, Instagram it, Print it!

What better way to create lasting memories of your conference than allowing your delegates to print their photos directly from Instagram? Delegates just need to hashtag their post with a tag you choose and it’s printed out for them at your photo stand.

This super simple solution from Rentertainment is extremely effective – it not only encourages your delegates to promote your event with user-generated content, but it also gives them a physical, nostalgic token to remember your event by, keeping them engaged and looking forward to the next one. 

Dunk your delegates in the photo stream

This one is super easy… All you need is a proactive photographer and a Flickr account! Here it is in three steps:

  1. Have your photographer take some killer snaps
  2. Upload them to Flickr as quickly as you can
  3. Share the link with your delegates and allow them to share them with their networks

This works especially well for multi-day conferences where delegates have down-time in the evening to browse your image libraries – how about scheduling emails to remind them about it?

Collaboration has never been so easy

You have collaborative sessions where delegates work in groups and you’re looking for the perfect tool to let them create something special. Well here it is!

Padlet allows delegates to create projects, boards, documents, and webpages that are easy to read and fun to contribute to. The ideal addition to engage your delegates, encourage them to make meaningful connections and create something beautiful together. 

Digital Posters are in!

Poster displays at association conferences are necessary but can be clunky and often leave you tight for space. The solution? Digital posters!

Not only saving you space, money on logistics and time, digital posters elevate the delegate experience with the added value of interactive elements including audio and video commentary.

Bonus Tip!

You’ve wowed your delegates with some awesome tools and now it’s time to think about gifts for your VIPs and speakers.  

Monogramming is super trendy at the moment, so why not treat your special guests with a personalised gift from The Daily Edited? Monogrammed with their initials or even your event hashtag?

Disclaimer: While we have done our research and aim to provide you the best advice and tips, we don’t accept responsibility for the products or services provided to you by the suppliers mentioned in this article.  

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