5 Questions for European Catering

15 June 2018

European Catering are one of four amazing caterers on our panel. You've probably heard a lot about them but how well do you know them?

We spoke to Petch Nittayaphant, Head of Marketing at European Catering to find out more about the secrets to success that's kept the Gold Licensed caterers as a top choice for over 20 years.

1. Roundhouse: Tell us about your journey with European Catering.

Petch: I first joined European Catering team in 2003 on a casual basis whilst working for Air France as a marketing and sales supervisor responsible for Asia Pacific market. I decided to come on board full time in 2007 as a marketing and events coordinator, and worked my way up to my current role as a director of marketing & major events, as well as an office manager.

2. RH: How would you describe European's approach to food?

P:  We have put Sustainability into practice by sourcing fresh food form local sustainable ethical suppliers and farming systems wherever possible; offering a seasonal menu including healthy and nutritious food; not producing or using packaged food; offering a local, organic and sustainable vegetarian menu.

3. RH: What tips do you have for event organisers when briefing their caterer?

P: Be transparent with the caterer about your budgets and event requirements, so quotes can be more tailored to the clients' needs. This will cut down on the back-and-forth emails and/or phone calls at quote stage.

4. RH: What's your favourite dish on your menus?

P: My favourite dishes change from season to season but my favourite item for all seasons is as simple as bruschetta. Using the freshest ingredients and freshly baked homemade baguettes makes our bruschetta so flavoursome and refreshing.

5. RH: What are you most looking forward to, working with Roundhouse and our clients?

P: At European Catering, we believe that with every challenge we encounter, there is opportunity for growth. We are working with the team at the Roundhouse to develop a strong reputation for the venue, fostering a symbiotic relationship which yields amazing results for clients. 

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