Roundhouse Renovations

15 February 2018


Renovations are officially complete, with us receiving the keys to the Roundhouse early this week. We're excitedly preparing for a MASSIVE housewarming, with doors set to open on Monday 19 February for UNSW's Orientation Week, and a jam-packed calendar of gigs and events in coming weeks, including our Official Launch featuring San Cisco on Thursday 15 March.

Staff Tours

Our staff have been excited to tour and explore the new space and facilities, and have been busy testing out our new state of the art PA and speaker system in the main room.

Staff have been particularly impressed by the spacious main room and multitude of new function and office spaces. The flexibility of these spaces will be useful for both staff and clients alike, allowing us to host a range of events including conferences, dinners, gigs and student events. 

Student Spaces

Our designers have been busy decorating the student spaces, and creating unique wall designs to spruce them up. These new student spaces, including a lounge and study space, will provide invaluable space for students to meet up, study and engage on campus. 

30 Jan 2018

It's movin' time!

Phase 1 – Bar and Kitchen.

We’re overjoyed this week as we’re cleared to start moving our bar and kitchen equipment back into our beloved venue. Up until now, the site has been closed off to construction workers only, so you can imagine how excited we are to get in and start furnishing.

Most of our equipment has been stored off-site in Peakhurst during renovations, so we’ve been packing up the van (multiple times) and running everything back to site, as well as taking deliveries of all our brand-spanking new stock.

Our kitchen will facilitate all of the stunning culinary creations that our expert caterers will produce for events. Choc-full of ovens, fryers, hotplates, appliances, taps, over 2,000 plates, 600+ sets of cutlery and all sorts of apparatus, our kitchen and bar area is gleaming with stainless steel and is on its way to being fully operational very soon. 

Check back soon for more updates as the move-in process unfolds!

10 January 2018

Less than two months to go

With Roundhouse relaunching in March, renovations are entering their final phases. Here are some highlights from developments over the past few weeks. 

The Skylight

Shedding beautiful natural light across the entire venue, the skylight on the Roundhouse roof is a sight to behold. The panelling around it is now complete, adding a geometrical wow factor to the sights above. 

The Truss (and the floor)

Our brand-new circular lighting truss is up and work is finishing up on it shortly. The new truss will be instrumental in creating stunning event productions for our clients using dynamic colour washes and lighting effects. 

Our new parquetry floor has also been installed, but we get yelled at for stepping on it... 

The Wood

The protection has been removed revealing the beautiful Australian Spotted Gum wood throughout the venue. Appearing on bars, the mezzanine balcony and other areas, the dark detailing gives the space a sophisticated, earthy feel. 

Seriously... The Skylight

Look at that beauty! 

29 November 2017

Roundhouse is coming full circle 

Sydney's most round venue is returning to its former glory (and then some) with renovations complete in under 3 months. The interior and exterior of the venue is bustling with activity and at any one time now there are 80 workers on site working on everything from sealing, to painting to electrics. Interior fixtures like sliding room dividers have now been installed giving us a good sense of the venue's versatility. 

On a recent visit, Head of Venue Jason Lyons remarked "the natural light just pours into the venue through the huge skylight" and the expanded Beergarden "truly enmeshes the indoors and outdoors so effortlessly"

The expanded front entrance facing Anzac Parade is now completed and with the Kensington/ Kingsford leg of the Light Rail now under construction we are looking forward to being even more connected to the CBD in 2019. 

27 September 2017

Save the date!

Roundhouse can now confirm that it will be operational from February 19th - just in time for O-Week. As the home of student life it's important that we can return the venue for student usage during our busiest student event. The venue will be hosting a 1000 person movie night, an epic comedy festival as well as plenty of tailored student events for various Clubs & Societies. There will be DJs and live music in the enlarged beergarden so save the date to come check it out!

Critical infrastructure like bathrooms and kitchens have been largely completed and sealed off from construction. Elements like the classy wooden paneling and bright undulating ceiling are now taking form so its easy to imagine how huge music events and classy conference iterations will be imagined inside. 

28 July 2017

We’re close to hitting the halfway mark with our UNSW Roundhouse renovations. 

In the past week our kitchen extension has been given a roof over its head. A larger kitchen with a roof over its head means more space for food preparation, and in turn, a greater capacity to serve delicious meals to more guests.

In-ceiling services have also continued to progress, with sprinklers, mechanical and electrical wiring being fitted out. The most exciting development has been the commencement of the fit-out works, including the walls, ceilings and bathrooms giving more shape to the internal structure and making the Roundy start to look like her old self again.

Next up is the upstairs – Club Bar and breakout rooms – full refurbishments so that Clubs & Societies will have top-class spaces to run events and activities.

29 June 2017

Our builders have been working tirelessly throughout these chilly months to return our beloved Roundhouse to her former glory.

As a patron, you would never know, but surrounding the Roundhouse main room and beergarden is an expansive network of private spaces that includes a full-scale industrial kitchen. This kitchen has catered 1000 person Yum Cha, some of Sydney’s finest chefs and regular cooking classes for TAFE. With so much utility, we’ve expanded the kitchen and its extension slab is now poured. Once the slab is dry, we’ll be able to install a state-of-the-art industrial kitchen to cater our biggest events.

Major works have also continued on the rest of the building with all structural steel strengthening works close to completion. A stronger Roundhouse will mean it’s more able to hold our world class sound and light technology. In turn, that means the parties and gigs we host are going to be more breathtaking than ever before.

3 May 2017

It’s out with the old now in with the new. 

Our beloved Roundhouse has been gutted to be away from its fans, and recently, its been physically gutted too. On the plus side, we’ve waved farewell to the famously odourous carpet. After 2 months of knock-down and stripping work all internal and external demolition on the building is now complete, which means the construction can really begin.

The insertion of in-ground hydraulics have commenced, as has the steel strengthening work to the existing structural steel to cater for an additional air conditioning plant. A central feature of all renovations is the retention of Roundhouse’s iconic character. In keeping with this, our architects have opted for some unique internal beams with an arched shape that will emphasise the circularity of Roundhouse which makes it so special.

Stay tuned for more updates on Roundhouse progress as we look forward to the big reopening in 2018.