6 Tips to Upgrade your End of Financial Year Events 

21 MARCH 2018

End of financial year is just around the corner - upgrade your events and make them extraordinary with these 6 tips.

Whether you're celebrating a successful end to your financial year, or just looking to treat your customers and supporters to an engaging and exciting night, here are some tips that will help you transform your event.

Interactive Catering

There are many interactive ways of serving food that enable a more immersive event experience. From grazing and tasting stations that give your guests greater choices; a themed menu; a BBQ buffet; to chef stations where your guests are able to actively engage in the preparation process, catering is an important consideration in creating a cohesive event experience.

Curated Audio Visual

Curating the AV experience can enable a unique overall event that provides an invaluable guest experience. It can transform standard elements such as presentations into moments, through thought out lighting and sound elements that add dimension and atmosphere, complimenting key moments of the event. 

Vibrant Venues

Venue is vital to enticing and impressing your guests, creating the vibe for the entire event. Choose a venue that is both functional and interesting, enabling a multitude of set ups and allowing for all aspects of your event to work together. 

Bespoke Beverages

Create a bespoke drinks menu with your events team for a unique event experience that fully incorporates your theme. Creating one off drink specials will make your event memorable and allow each guest to feel like they're taking part in an immersive experience. 

Engaging Entertainment

Your choice of entertainment can change the entire event experience, creating a surprising and engaging atmosphere. Interactive entertainment opportunities that enable guests to create connections with the space, event and other guests are key. Try using a pop-up photo booth, a flipbook gif creator like this one from photoboothME, instant poloroid printers and other keepsakes. 

Superior Social Media

Think of unique ways to incorporate social media into moments through Snapchat filters and geotagging which will enable guests to enjoy the exclusivity of your event while curating the social media experience.

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