Student Room Bookings Terms & Conditions

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Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to all rooms that are available to be booked in the Roundhouse.

The rooms are provided as venues for student events that contribute to the UNSW community. Free Roundhouse room hire is only available to Arc-Affiliated clubs (not individual Arc members or students). Individual student hirers should contact Roundhouse staff directly – see contact details below – and will be charged a discounted member rate.

The following table outlines rooms available. Costs apply to venue hire only. Enquire with our team for AV and staffing costs.

Room hire is available from 

  • 9AM-9PM In Session 
  • 9AM-6PM Out of Session

SpacesCapacity*Arc Member Discount
Rate Per Hour
Arc Member Discount
Rate Per Day
Main Room1000$352$2640
Club Bar290$160$960
Lounge 1160$144$480
Lounge 2270$220$864
Room 270$72$432
Room 370$72$432
Room 490$80$480
Room 5120$92$552
Room 6140$104$624
Room 770$72$432
Room 870$72$432
Rooms 2 & 3140$108$648
Rooms 3 & 4160$114$684
Rooms 2, 3 & 4230$168$1008
Rooms 5 & 6260$160$960
Rooms 7 & 8140$108$648

*Capacities are subject to COVID-19 Restrictions

The Roundhouse also hires out the Main Room for large scale events. These events require a detailed from your club submitted to the Roundhouse for consideration. If your event has been approved, Arc’s Event staff will meet with you to assist in planning and co-ordinating details for your event.

Terms & Conditions

No persons under the age of 18 are to be in the venue after 5PM.

  1. All hire fees must be paid in full at the commencement of the hire period. Booking are subject to fair usage limits outlined in point 5.
  2. In addition to paying the hire fees, hirers must leave a $5 deposit and Student Card with Arc Reception upon collection of the key or swipe card to the required room. Both the deposit and card will be returned to the hirer upon receipt of the key by Arc reception.
  3. At the latest, room keys and swipe cards must be returned to Arc reception within 5 minutes of the end of the booking period. Failure to do so may result in the suspension of booking privileges and the cancellation of existing bookings.
  4. In order to ensure the fair usage of Arc Rooms, bookings are subject to the following to the following limits:
  5. bookings made for individual SSF Members are limited to 2 hours per hirer per day, up to 4 hours per hirer per week. Hours booked in excess of these limits will be charged the hourly Arc Member rate.
  6. bookings made for Clubs are limited to 5 hours per Club per week. Depending on availability, Arc Student Development may be able to extend this cap on a case-by-case basis.
  7. Room bookings are forfeited if the hirer does not arrive within the first 15 minutes of the booking. These bookings will then be made available to other hirers.
  8. Arc reserves the right to cancel Arc Room bookings if hirers exceed the limits outlined in C5 (except where caps have been extended), as long as the hirer is notified of the cancellation by email at least 4 business days prior to the commencement of the booking.
  9. Hirers may not use the Arc Rooms for direct financial gain, including conducting music lessons, however Clubs using the rooms for rehearsals may pay fees to external parties such as conductors.
  10. Where a room booking is made for a club event, the club must be affiliated or provisionally affiliated with Arc at the time of the booking and on the date of the event.
  11. Hirers using rooms must have a copy of their booking confirmation on hand (this can be hard copy or on a mobile device)
  12. Hirers must comply with Arc’s Work Health and Safety Policies and Procedures. All electrical items used MUST be tagged and tested by an Arc Staff member prior to a booking.
  13. Hirers must leave the room in a tidy condition. Rooms left in an unclean condition may attract a cleaning fee starting from $50. The hirer will be held responsible for damage to rooms that occur in the course of their booking.
  14. Arc provides these rooms to Clubs and Arc members for a subsidised fee to support student life. Clubs, group of students and individuals may not book rooms on behalf of any third-party (including other Clubs, groups of students or individuals)
  15. If an outside company is involved in the event, the hirer must provide these details to Arc, who will determine if any commercial hire fees should apply.
  16. Clubs may charge an attendance or participation fee for their event only with the intention of covering costs. Clubs must disclose the amount of their attendance or participation fee at the time of making the booking. Arc (at their discretion) will decide how to proceed.
  17. Bookings can be made up to a semester in advance.
  18. Clubs are limited to a total of 5-hour room usage per week. Depending on availability, Arc Venue may be able to extend this cap on a case-by-case basis for Roundhouse Rooms, and Arc Clubs Staff may extend this cap on a case-by-case basis for rooms located at the Arc Offices in Basser College. In making these exceptions, Arc will take into account previous dealings between the Club and Arc, as well as any other relevant factors (e.g. the aims and objective of the Club).
  19. No hot food can be brought into the venue and hirers may not use their own equipment (e.g. microwaves) to reheat food for consumption within the venue. In order to comply with food safety regulations, only hot food supplied by approved Roundhouse vendors may be consumed in the Roundhouse. Arc Venue must be informed about the intention to use this supplier.
  20. All beverages including juice and soft drinks must be purchased from the Roundhouse Bar. Please contact Arc Venue to organise this at special Clubs prices.
  21. Bookings are generally available between 9am and 9pm weekdays during session. Outside of these hours’ security and staffing costs may apply. All hired equipment must be returned and signed in at the end of the booking.
  22. Roundhouse equipment hire costs may apply. The Clubs and Volunteering Department has some equipment available for Clubs use. Please contact Arc Reception to hire these
  23. Clubs who do not comply with these Terms and Conditions will have their booking rights suspended for up to twelve months and/or be charged the commercial rate for room usage.
  24. 75% of the attendees/audience must be enrolled students of UNSW or alumni, proof of identity (student card) may be required.

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