Student Event Catering

Whether you just want light canapés and refreshments for your event to impress new club members - or just a cheeky barbecue to keep everyone chatting and full on good food - we've got everything to suit your event! 

Check out all our catering options to make your student event the most delicious experience!

All catering & beverage requests for your Arc Club or Society event can be made through the Clubs Room Booking Form.

Substantial Canapés

  • Cheeseburger sliders $75 (15 Serves) - Beef, cheese, Spanish onion, pickles with tomato sauce and mustard served on a mini brioche bun 
  • Southern Fried Chicken Sliders $75 (15 Serves) - Spicy fried chicken breast with tomato, lettuce and house sauce served on a mini brioche bun 
  • Mini Baguette with chipolata sausage $75 (15 Serves) - Beef Italian sausage served in a baguette with house sauce 
  • Fish & chips box Platter $75 (15 Serves) - Panko Crumbed Whiting Bites with shoestring fries served with lemon in individual boxes 
  • BBQ Pork Singapore Pork noodles $75 (15 serves) - Singapore noodles with marinated pork and seasonal vegetables served in individual boxes 
  • Taco Platter $90 (24 serves) - Chicken, beef and vegetarian soft-shell tacos with a serve of fresh house made guacamole 
  • Chilli Salt Squid $75 (40 serves) - Crispy salt squid served with fresh house sauce 

Cocktail Canapés

  • Chicken Skewers $65 (25 serves) - Lemon Pepper marinated Skewers served with house dipping sauce 
  • Beef Skewers $65 (25 serves) - Satay marinated Skewers served with house dipping sauce 
  • Beef Pie Platter $45 (20 serves) - Pastry filled with lean beef mince, garlic, onion and seasoning in gravy 
  • Sausage Roll Platter $45 (20 serves) - Bite sized beef sausage rolls with flaky puff pastry 
  • Dumpling platter $50 (50 serves) - Tender Pork dumplings served with soy and chilli 
  • Arancini balls $70 (30 serves) (V) - Crispy Italian Risotto Balls with Mushroom, Spinach and Mozzarella with house sauce 
  • Spring Roll Platter $45 (50 serves) (V) - Cocktail spring rolls filled with a julienne of vegetables served with sweet chilli sauce 
  • Samosa Platter $45 (50 serves) (V) - Vegetarian Samosas with spicy potato, green peas and nuts encased in a crisp and flaky pastry 
  • Falafel Platter $65 (40 serves) (V) - Falafel bites served with Hummus and Tzatziki dipping sauces

Perfect Share Platters

  • Nacho Platter $45 (V) - Bean Nacho Platter served with guacamole & sour cream 
  • Buffalo Wings Plater $50 - Crispy Buffalo wings served with Hot Sauce 
  • DIY Tacos Platter $90 (Serves 20-25 people) - Chicken, beef or Vegetarian (select one option) soft shell tacos served with house made salsa guacamole and chipotle sauce 
  • Antipasto Platter $85 - Sliced deli meat such as prosciutto, ham, salami, olives, pickled vegetables served with rustic bread. 
  • Cheese Platter $75 - Selected Australian and imported cheese, grapes, nuts and crackers 
  • Fruit Platter $60 (V) - Array of sliced seasonal fresh fruits 
  • Churros Platter $55 (V) - Freshly fried pastry coated in sugar and cinnamon served with hot chocolate dipping sauce 

BBQ Packages

Nothing says university Club event like a big barbecue. Check out the options for you to see what suits best. 


  • Uncooked beef sausage 
  • Bread roll 
  • Onion 
  • Condiments 


  • Hotdog roll 
  • Caramelised onion 
  • Beef sausage/optional falafel 
  • Sauce


  • Hotdog roll  
  • Caramelised onion  
  • Beef sausage/optional falafel  
  • Garlic butter chicken wings 3 pieces  
  • House Salad  
  • Soft drinks  
  • Sauce and condiments

Other Catering Options

If the above platter and barbecue options don’t tickle your fancy, we can organise affordable catering to suit your event, including buffet, shared platters, and more formal 2 & 3 course formats. Email to discuss your needs further.


Once you've whet your appetite with something to eat, you'll need something to wash it down! 

Student Beverage Packages by the hour are only available as tray service accompanied with food catering.

Package Beverages 

  • SPARKLING (Lorimer Sparkling) 
  • WHITE WINES (Sheep Shape Sauvignon Blanc) 
  • RED WINES (Lorimer Shiraz) 
  • ROSÉ (Down The Lane Rose) 
  • HEINEKEN 0.0%  

Package Pricing

  • 1 hour $12.50  
  • 2 hour $18.00  
  • 3 hour $24.00 
  • 4 hours $28.00

Bar Tab

Tabs are available upon request. Simply outline the beverages you would like and your budget when making your online booking. 


  • External beverages cannot be brought into the Roundhouse
  • Beverage orders must be made at least 5 working days in advance 
  • Payment must be made upon confirmation 
  • All prices exclude GST 

Roundhouse supports the Responsible Service of Alcohol. Valid identification will be required for all events serving alcohol. All alcohol must be supplied by the Roundhouse. Security and Beverage Staff will be required at Venue Management discretion.

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